Erica Mena is an Actress in America; she is a model, a recording artist and author. Ms Mena was born and raised in New York and he has Puerto Rican and Dominican ancestors.  While growing up, she was in performing arts class and other activities.  Her motivation was boosted when she was found by the MTV while searching for Jennifer Look alike and she won. After sometime she started to create her own name and she had created some recognition in the industry.  Erica Mena had been on the page of XXL magazine, The Source, King Magazine and Maxim. She had been an inspiration for the SHOW magazine concept and she was the first cover girl. This led to glossy photos and she popped up on the newsstands at every place. She featured in the print campaign of Tommy Hilfiger and she was the spokes model for many companies on both international and domestic level.

Erica Mena was born in 1987 and her age is 28. She is popular with the people who like Love and Hip Hop or Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.  Erica has always loved the fashion and she started to sketch the dresses when she was eight years. She has her clothing line called HER and she was wearing the official summer and spring collection line for the season 5 for the Love and Hip Hop.

Erica Mena had written her bio called Underneath It All with other books.  She talked about the family dark secret when she said that the father was in the drug game while  the mother was a real hustler. Erica Mena has the height of 5 feet with 7 inches and she has a hot figure which is 34-24-39.  She had a long with amazing feet while the body is known to be sexy with slim waist.

Erica Mena son is named King and she had him with his husband called Raul Conde. His Rapper Fat Joe’s affiliate and he had directed many videos and he is a friend to Scott Disk who is the baby daddy of Kourtney Kardashian.  However, Erica Mena had separated from his husband and he is caring for his son alone and this means that she has to work for a long period to ensure that his son is taken care of.

Erica Mena had an affair with the married personality called DJ Envy.  She said that they met through Lady L. She dated him for three years without knowing that he was married. Envy used to take her to all the trips which he paid for.  Until she found out that she was married, they were happy together.  When she came to know about his marriage status, she did not continue to date him.  She is now dating Cyn Santana and she wants to let her son know about it.  She was also once in the relationship with Scott Storch and she was engage to Bow wow. It is now easy to follow her up on her twitter account and to learn about her on the websites. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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