Born on October 20, 1992 in New York City, Cyn Santana is of Dominican and Salvadorian background and identifies with African-American ethnicity. Cyn Santana is best known for appearing on the VH1 reality series, Love & Hip Hop: New York. Her birth name was Cynthia which she cut short. There is no information about her parents, but her brother’s suicide grabbed a lot of media attention some years ago. The brother was said to have killed himself right after his twenty fourth birthday and Cyn blamed herself. “I still feel guilt, that’s one of my biggest regrets,” she truly believes she could have done more to help him with his depression and mental problems.

 There is a very little information about her childhood and not at all about her schooling and studies. Her interest in acting was ignited at a young age when she started taking acting classes which during her graduation in college. She continued her training while studying in college but unlike many other stars, Cyn didn’t rise to fame with a television show or a movie. Instead, the turning point in her career was when she started doing impressions of many popular stars like Kat Stacks, Nicki Minaj, Ray J., Amazingly, etc. on YouTube. The videos of her impressions got more and more popular day by day and were shared countless times. It was these videos which helped her garner the attention she craved; many believe her videos received so many likes because of her personalized touch. She didn’t just mimic the popular celebrities, but also added a bit of her own nature to the videos. Many believe that it was this personalized touch which was the reason her videos became popular all over the world. Along with doing the impressions of popular personalities, Cyn is also known to make comedic videos which have also become very popular.

YouTube videos were the reason that Cyn ended up getting a big opportunity; she was signed on the popular VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop in which started in 2010. Cyn joined the show in its fourth season in the year 2013. Love & Hip Hop is basically about the lives of the women who are living in New York and are related to Hip Hop. It was this show which helped Cyn gain national popularity. Cyn started working on the show as Erica Mena’s girlfriend, who is a model and had boyfriends related to hip hop music like DJ Envy and Rauel Conde. Although Cyn confessed in an interview that it was difficult for her to work on the show as she is not a lesbian, but that her emotions for Erica were nonetheless real.

Erica and Cyn broke-up just after one season of the show. Erica went on to get engaged to rapper BOW WOW and Cyn too found love with someone else. Cyn is now involved with rapper Joe Budden. She has started her own clothing line, called NU, and is also doing charity work.  Cyn Santana’s net worth is estimated at around three hundred thousand dollars.


Cyn’s relationship with the rapper is going strong and the two recently announced that Cyn was pregnant. When asked about the pregnancy, Cyn had this to say: “So now that we’ve announced that I’m pregnant, I no longer have to hide anymore, which is the best feeling. I hate pretending and I had to wear baggy clothes and I’m just  over that, thank God.”  The couple announced the arrival of their new son via Twitter and Instagram. She spoke about the pictures that she had taken while pregnant. “So I was excited to plan my maternity shoot. I wanted something angelic, which is how I feel right now, I feel like there is a miracle growing inside of me. I didn’t want to do too much and I also didn’t want to do like the whole nude thing.” She said she wanted the shoot to have a touch of class and that she wasn’t comfortable doing a nude maternity shoot. Cyn said that she knew people would be happy for Joey and her when they announced the pregnancy but that she was not expecting the huge response. She said she got nearly half a million “likes” on the maternity picture posted on the internet. She said “people seemed to be genuinely happy for us.”

But there were others who posted unnecessarily rude comments prompting Cyn to post this supportive tweet to women everywhere: “[that comment] made me really sad. Not because it hurt my feelings... (cause I don’t give a [expletive] what y’all talkin bout) but because others have to deal with reading these type of low comments. What about those who don’t have thick skin? Those that are easily affected by outside commentators? Just the thought of it alone makes me cringe and breaks my heart. Unfortunately, cruel people exist in this world. There’s nothing that we can do about them. So we need to protect ourselves and lift each other up. So this goes out to ALL my women. Pregnant or not. Big nose or small nose. Embrace it. Embrace you. You are beautiful.” Cyn was praised as she offered support to women who come under the scrutiny of internet trolls, she went on to say about the trolls: “It really isn’t about you. It’s about them. They’re facing daily struggles and this is how they cope. By coming on social media and tearing others down. Don’t take them too personal.”

Fans also enjoyed Cyn’s description of her ultimate baby shower: “Baby shower, it needs to be big, grand, extra, I want fireworks, I want live bands, I want a [expletive] Ferris wheel with my child’s name on it, I want people to come in gowns, I want [expletive] lava cakes just exploding everywhere, we can get a unicorn. I want everything in my baby shower, I’m real extra, I don’t care.”

Cyn has an online clothing store and due to her recent pregnancy she wants to begin offering maternity clothes at her shop. She says “I understand now what pregnant women go through, and the struggle.” She goes on to say that they are currently designing some clothes that she is going to try on and “see how it feels, the fabrics and all that, and if it all good I shall start selling soon.”

Cyn Santana and Joe Budden will soon be appearing on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” The show is being marketed as the couple “returning to their roots and will premiere on November 26th of this year. The couple will join other stars Remy & Papoose, Juelz & Kimbella, and others.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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