Katherine Pine is an American actress that has starred in films like Love Boat: The Next Wave (1998), Heavy Gear (1997) and CHiPs '99 (1998). She is most famous for being the older sister of famous actor, Chris Pine.


Katherine Gwynne Gilford was born on September 24, 1972 to her father Robert Pine and her mother Gwynne Gilford in Los Angeles, California. She grew with her younger brother Chris Pine, who would eventually become an actor like his older sister. She is of American nationality but not much information is available regarding her childhood days. It is speculated that she completed her higher learning studies from a college near her hometown. The name of her high school and college has been kept under the wraps and away from the media.

Acting Career

Her interest in acting was sparked at a very young age. Both Katherine and her brother Chris were fascinated and interested in acting since childhood and decided to pursue acting as their main career. At the start of her career, she was offered small roles in some movies, but the turning point in her career was when she was cast for a role in the movie Heavy Gear which premiered in 1997. It was this movie which helped her garner the attention of the audience and critics. Her performance in the movie grabbed the appreciation of the film world it gave her career the major boost it needed. The success of Heavy Gear opened the doors of many opportunities for Katherine, and she was flooded with offers for many movies after her big showing.

In 1998, she was cast for a role in a movie called CHiPs’ 99’. Though her performance was appreciated by some, it wasn’t liked by many of the audience. She got mixed responses for her role in this movie from the audience as well as the critics. Luckily for her, she was cast for a role in another movie the same year. The movie called Love Boat: The Next Wave, did average numbers at the box office. It wasn’t a big success and Katherine’s performance in this movie did not receive much.

After Love Boat: The Next Wave, Katherine was not seen any more movies and it was thought that she had retired from acting. She disappeared from the industry altogether. Even though her career was very short, she was still able to get a lot of appreciation for her work and even created memories in the hearts of many people. Even now, her fans hope to see her in movies because they want her to join her famous brother in a movie.

Personal Life

In regards to her personal life, there is very little about her private details. Katherine seems like a very secretive person and has not revealed anything about being married or divorced. There is no information about any husband or wedding that may have taken place. It was rumored that she had a boyfriend but nothing was confirmed yet.

She is active on her social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter and keeps in contact with her fans regularly. Her net worth is around five hundred thousand dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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