Sharon Munro is known as an American actress. She had an appearance in Edward II. She is most famous for being the wife of famous Canadian actor, Lochlyn Munro.


There is no information available regarding Sharon’s birth date and birth place. Her parents, siblings and education details are not reported anywhere publicly. She has kept her personal life hidden from the media and never has given out any information about her childhood.


Sharon has acted in the British television anthology series, Screen Two which was released in the year 1985. The show Screen two began in 1985 and was on air until the year 2002. The television series was produced by Kenith Trodd and was telecasted on BBC2. The show was a result of the transition from theatre TV drama and film series like the Play for Today theatre show. The show was the pioneering effort of Channel Four.

She was also featured in the movie Edward II in the year 1991 as the role of a sexy lady. The movie was directed by Derek Jarman. The movie was a British historical tragedy. Sharon has worked with Nigel Terry and Tilda Swinton in the movie Edward II.

Husband’s Career

Lochlyn Munro is a famous Canadian actor who got famous as Greg Philippe in the comedy film, Scary Movie. He also appeared in the cult classic, White Chicks as a police officer. He has in his long resume and credits more than 200 roles in various television series and movies.

Lochlyn was forced to quit his junior-hockey career with WHL's Seattle Thunderbirds due to a severe injury. He is also known as Locklyn Munro, Rick Munro, Lochlyn Munroe, and Rick Munroe.

In an interview with The Hollywood News, Sharon’s husband spoke about one of his films called Badge of Honor. Lochlyn Munro may not be a household name but the Canadian actor has been a familiar face in American mainstream media since his breakout in late 90s comedy films. Fans know him from his great roles in A Night at the Roxbury, Scary Movie, and White chicks. The movie star has also been featured in famous TV shows like 21 Jump Street, Charmed, Smallville, Castle, and Arrow.

His film Badge of Honor is described as a gritty crime-drama with intense narrative elements in there. When asked what drew him to be involved with the film, Lochlyn said, “You know, I think for me. It was because I already liked some of the people that were involved, and I also liked the idea of trying to make the antagonist more of a flawed character. At one point he was probably a hell of a cop, but he got caught up in greed and that was ultimately his demise. So, I like flawed characters, flawed hero-type of characters (not that my character is a flawed hero really), but they are the parts I really enjoy.”


Lochlyn has always been remembered for his funny roles so he wanted to try something new in this film. “Also for me, because my most commercially successful film involves me being comedic, it was nice to be able to step out of that. It allowed me to show people that I did a hell of a lot of dramatic work before I ever did A Night at the Roxbury. So, that’s why Badge of Honor interested me so much I think. It was just a great, interesting story.

When he was asked if he brought any of his personal elements into the complex character, he said “No I wouldn’t say that necessarily. You know, I just sort of played it as far as his [David Miles] back story would allow. He came from a family of cops and I think that he was probably a bit of a golden child, both in his history of sports and as a rookie cop. So, I think the more and more he got caught up in undercover work and homicide, everything just started to spiral out of control.”

Trying to find his way back has been a really tough journey for his character. The darker side of the guy is not something he shares a lot in common with. He did share similarities with him at the beginning of his character’s journey.

Personal Life

Sharon Munro has had a very peaceful personal life. She dated her boyfriend Lochlyn Munro before the couple made the decision to get married. The couple is living happily as husband and wife. It was the year 1997 that the couple got married and reportedly till now, they are sharing a very strong and beautiful bonding.

Sharon Munro has been married to Lochlyn Munro for 19 years since the couple got married on June 14, 1997. The husband and wife are happy as a family, and there is reportedly no news of their divorce. Sharon Munro and Lochlyn Munro have never been reported to have any extra-marital affair and they are very faithful to each other.

Sharon’s husband is very proud of her and wonders how Sharon can be so great with their children. The great love and care she surrounds their daughter and son with is never underestimated by him. Sharon and her husband are blessed with two children of their own as well in addition to the children that her husband brought from another marriage.

She has one daughter named Magdalen Munro, who loves riding horses. Sharon has one son, Hudson Munro, who loves playing hockey, soccer and baseball. Sharon’s daughter and son are not yet inclined towards acting or the media industry like their parents. However, the couple is open for the decision if their children wishes to join the industry when they become adults. Sharon has injected the values of kindness, honesty, and integrity in her children.

Her actual net worth and salary has never been made public and is not revealed by her in any interviews. She prefers to keep in the background and raise her family while her husband stays in the spotlight.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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