Aaron Kaufman was born on January 20 in the year of 1982. He is a famous actor in America and a player of reality show. He was raised by his parents in Texas. There is not much information about his parents or siblings in his biography. He is multi-talented person. Apart from his life in show biz, he is also a mechanic and a fabricator. He has a natural gift of disorienting something and rebuilding it into something better. His family does not have any link with this field. His passion drove him towards the bigger world of mechanics and engineering. His profession is like a Hot Rod. He is famous for his show on Discovery Channel named as “Fast N Loud”. He is the co-host of the show along with Richard Rawlings. He is very famous across country for his work. It is said that he completed his high school education. However, never went to college after that. He has been interested in this field since a very young age.

Aaron has worked with local car shop. Once Richard Rawlings went to that shop and asked for the best person to air ride his Ford Mainline. That’s when he met Aaron. Years later, he opened Gas Monkey Garage. He asked Aaron to join him for his next venture. Aaron keeps his strategy really simple while restoring any car. He likes to keep front end, back end and interior completely cohesive. His favorite car is an AC Cobra and ’32 roadster is among top picks. He says that his favorite road trip was when he travelled from Dallas to Vegas. The first car that he bought was 1984 Jeep Cherokee. He bought it by saving money from his allowances, doing odd jobs and mowing lawns.He is known for his knowledge and seriousness for his work. He takes care of everything and pays attention to every minute detail which helps in yielding amazing results. He upgrades himself while working on the project. He achieved second position in motorcycle build-off which was held at Orange County Choppers. He learned driving using a 1968 Ford F100. While working his parents have spent many sleepless nights due to the sound he made with banging, cutting things and welding in his driveway.

Aaron is a good looking guy. He has got a good looking man with a well shaped physique. He has a height of 5.9’. He has extraordinary beard which gives him even manlier look. There is not much information about his relationships. He is not married and has never spoken about who will be his wife. There have been rumors about his orientation that he is a gay. However, there is no intact information about the same. It is assured that he earns a handsome salary which led to his estimated net worth of $3 million. He rose to fame with time. He has nearly 2 thousand followers on twitter and a good number of followers on Facebook. There is no bio about him on IMDB or Wikipedia.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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