Eddie Judge was born on March 31, 1973 in in Guadalajara. Mexico. Eddie is a businessman that is known for being the husband of reality TV star Tamara Judge and has made appearances on the reality TV shows, The Real Housewives of Orange County and Tamara’s OC Wedding.

Sibling Rivalry

Eddie’s sister told the press that when Eddie was younger, he used to get odd jobs and that’s when he met a man who would eventually adopt him as a son. That’s when the Mexican born Eddie got his last name Judge from an American. There were some nasty rumors that Eddie and his adopted father were in gay relationship but the rumors were never confirmed.

His sister has accused him of turning his back to family in times of need. They have one more brother who came to live with Eddie. His sister said Eddie used to be verbally abusive towards his brother. His sister asked him for some financial help for her daughter who was suffering from Pader-Will Syndrome but Eddie refused to help. His sister also accused Eddie of not taking care of the medical needs of their grandmother when she needed it. It seems that Eddie and his sister have a very bitter relationship. Things that his sister says about him has to be taken with a grain of salt because she might be spreading lies with a vendetta against her brother.

Business Career

During his days in college, Eddie studied business administration. His education provided him with a lot of knowledge and confidence to apply the concepts he learned into the real world. Before he had the ability to open his own ventures and businesses, he managed a law firm that was owned by his father. He was lucky that he had a job coming out of college. While most of his classmates had to intern or start at an entry level, Eddie had the safety net of his father’s business. He didn’t have to pressure of trying to find employment but he did have the pressure of performing well under his father’s watchful eye. The name of the law firm was The Judge Law Firm. The Judge family were fortunate that they had a really catchy name for a law firm and it seemed to have an authoritative tone for potential clients.

Meeting Tamara

He met his future wife Tamara, during the taping of a reality TV show called The Real Housewives of Orange County. At that time, Tamara was still married to her ex-husband but she was in the middle of a separation. She was ready to move on because she felt that their relationship was done and couldn’t be fixed. She didn’t know if she would find love again but she was willing to take the risk. There was nothing left for her in her broken relationship, she needed to find peace and move on.


On the show, Eddie was introduce to Tamara. Eddie’s ex wife also appeared on the show which added to the drama of the show. He already had two children from a prior marriage but that did not deter Tamara. Sometimes when someone already has children, that can be a turn off for a potential mate. That negative turn off gets reduced when people get older because it’s to be expected that one or the other might already have children.

The production team of the show really wanted Eddie and Tamara to form a relationship. They thought it was a great storyline for the show and would urge the two to develop chemistry. Whether it was due to the encouragement of the show’s producers or whether it was natural love, Eddie and Tamara ended up in a relationship together as the show went on.

Budding Relationship

They dated for many years and bonded really well. The couple started getting serious and decided to take the next level when they got married in June of 2013. Tamara had severed her ties from her previous husband and divorced him in 2011.

Eddie’s wife Tamara is four years older than him but age doesn’t matter to them anymore because they are both past middle age and are at the age of grandparents. They can be seen arguing on their TV shows but some of that might just be fabricated to add drama to the show. Tamara is already a grandmother as her eldest son and his fiancée welcomed their first child into the world. Tamara is very protective of her appearance as she is one of those women who have trouble letting go of their youth. She tries very hard to try to look long as she cannot accept being old. Even though she loves her grandchild, she hates that she is now a grandmother. Being called a grandma was a reality check for her because it was the final stamp on her youth and signaled the last phase of her life. Eddie helps her ease into her phase because he loves her a lot and provides her with more companionship and affection than her previous marriage.

Shared Businesses

Eddie owns a gym in partnership with his wife, Tamara Judge which is located in the Orange County region of Los Angeles.

He used to take spinning classes so his wife thought it would be a good idea for them to open up a gym together. She announced their partnership on her social media platforms. Initially, she just thought he would help her set it up and have an important position in the gym. When they were discussing the opening, things changed and they decided it would be better if they were co owners. There was speculation that Eddie was uncomfortable having to be an employee for his wife. He convinced her that it would be a better move for them to be co owners. It would make their relationship stronger if they became equal partners in the venture. It would also make things easier on Tamara because he could deal with the tough things that his business background taught him to deal with.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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