Michelle Morgan was born on 16th July 1981 in Alberta. She is a Canadian. She has 5 siblings. She is the fourth out of six children. She is a famous Canadian actress and a singer. She belonged to a Chilean-Canadian family. She spent her childhood days moving between Toronto and Vancouver. She got attracted towards the career of acting while she was hanging out with her high school improvisation team. Her interest took her to University of Toronto for studying theatre and classical literature. She started her acting career as a stage artist. She has acted in various stage plays like Shakespeare and a British farce. She also developed plays with her peers and acted in the same.

Professionally, she made her debut with “Shady Business” in which she played the role of a showgirl. She has been seen in sketch comedy. She has appeared in Laugh Sabbath nights which were held in Toronto. She has collaboratively worked with very renowned comedians like Chris Locke and Nathan Fielder for some of the short film projects. Her first big screen appearance was in the lead role in “Diary of the Dead” by George A. Romero. In the year of 1999, she was seen in “Road Rage” in the role of Rebecca. After that, she was seen in “Fire Serpent” as Donna Marks in 2007. She is remarkably famous for her role in “Heartland” in the role of Samantha Louise ‘Lou’ Fleming. She has been part of that since the year 2007. She appeared in “Stargate Atlantis: Be All My Sins Remembered” as FRAN (Friendly Replicator Android)in the year of 2008. Later she appeared again during late 2008 in the episode named as “Ghost in the Machine” in the role of Elizabeth Weir as a replica of her previous character. She is the 3rd actor to appear in the role of Weir. In the year of 2008, she was seen in the role of Abigail in “The L Word: Look out, Here They Come”. In the same year, she was seen in “Confessions of a Porn Addict” in the role of The Wrong Felice. In the year of 2016, she appeared in the role of Laura in Palki. She is passionate all the sports related to boards. She used to go for snowboarding while growing up. After that, she went surfing during her travelling across Hawaii, western part of Canada and South America.

She is involved in social causes also. She is working towards shelter for women in Canada. She is the ambassador for a campaign named as “#I am Courage” and another campaign named as “#My Home Front” in the years in 2013 and 2015 respectively. She got married on 30th June 2012 to Derek Tisdelle. They ae a happy couple and there have been no news of divorceor any misunderstanding with her husband. They have 2 kids. Her estimated net worth is not available in any of her biography pages. She loves cooking, gardening and spending time with family when she is free.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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