Claudio Carlos Basso is well known under the name of Claudio Carlos and she is the ex husband of the beautiful Lady Monica Bellucci who is an actress. Claudio is a celebrity on his own but some parts of his biography have not been shared to in the media up to now. Monica, his ex wife was born in the city of Citta Di Castello in Italy. Even if they were married for over four years, they did not get children before they get a divorce. Monica is known to have a sexy body and the measurements are 37-25-36. He got married with Monica Bellucci in 1990 and they got bonded in the married life for over four years and they were divorced in the year 1994.

Claudio Carlos works as American Fashion photographer besides being the ex husband of Monica Bellucci. He works for super magazines like Grazia, Bazaar, Amica, Vanity, New York Woman, Italian Vogue, French Elle and American Vogue. During interview, when he was asked when he become a photographer, he said at his fourteenth birthday when his mother got him a Russian copy of 21/4 RolleyFlex camera. His age is not known but, his height is of 5ft and 8 inch, his parents are not known and he is of Caucasian and white by ethnicity. He is of American nationality.

Monica Bellucci is known to be a bond girl and she is over 50 years old. Besides acting, she is a model. She is of Italian beauty and she gave the new meaning to seductive looks and grace than other old women may show in the role she played in Spectre in 2015. This is a new incarnation of James Bond series. During the movie, there were no measures that were taken to ensure that Bellucci looks young but she was meant to appear mature and at the same time provocative.

Bellucci was born like only child in the year 1964 and her parents are Pasquale Bellucci and Brunella Briganti. She wanted to do law but went to do some modeling as a side job so that she can get money to continue her college. She was able to do well in her career and it led to the roles in Dolce Gabbana ads. She is well known for the role she had in American movie called The Matrix Reloaded or The Matrix Revolutions.

Claudio Carlos was her first husband and the second marriage was to a film star of European origins called Vincent Cassel. They were married for over 14 years and they divorced. The two had two daughters Leonie and Deva. Monica does not talk too much about the failed marriages and she is more interested in the strong connections she has in life. She has a net worth of over 45 million dollars but the exact amount of her salary for movies is not known.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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