French actor Vincent Cassel was born on November 23, 1966 in Paris, France. He grew up in a rich family, his father was a well-known actor Jean-Pierre Cassel, his mother - Sabine Litique. Vincent has a brother Mathias (singer of a band named “Assassin”, and a half-sister Cécile Cassel. He liked Sport and martial arts, especially capoeira.

Vincent Cassel started his career when he was 27 years old. His first role was in the film Métisse where he played minor role. Couple years later he appeared in a comedy Adultery: A User's Guide, but the role, that boosted his career came to him in 1995. He received an invitation to play in drama film La Haine in the lead role. He portrayed his character Vinz very natural, and for it he deserved a nomination on César Award for Best Actor and on César Award for Most Promising Actor.

The La Haine changed his life and suddenly made him a celebrity. Since that time, his popularity grew with a huge speed. One year later, in 1996, Cassel played in the film L'Appartement. In that film he, along with his future wife Monica Bellucci played the leading roles.

After that, he played in many films, including Dobermann (1997), Come mi vuoi (1997), Elizabeth (1998), Méditerranées (1999), The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999), Guest House Paradiso (1999), Crimson Rivers (2000), Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) and others.

In 2001 he voiced Monsieur Hood in a worldwide famous animated film Shrek. Apart from Shrek, Vincent Cassel voiced Diego in an animated film Ice Age (2002), Tony Merguez in Lascars (2009) and The Fox in The Little Prince (2015).

In 2002 he played again with his wife Monica Bellucci in an art film Irréversible. One of the scenes was where they had to play totally naked, so this film got many controversial reviews. However, Vincent Cassel continued to play in films, after Irréversible he participated in The Reckoning (2003), Blueberry (2004), Secret Agents (2004) and many others.

2004 was the year, when whole world discovered Vincent Cassel, when he played the role of François Toulour in an American comedy film Ocean's Twelve with such famous actors as: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Matt Damon, Andy García and others. In the film Vincent used his skills in capoeira. Then he continued to play his role in the next part of this film - Ocean's Thirteen (2007). According to IMDb, Vincent Cassel also played in a thriller Black Swan which was nominated on Oscar.

As for the private life of Vincent Cassel, he has been married to Monica Bellucci from 1999 to 2013. The couple separated on 26 August 2013, despite of two mutual children (Deva and Léonie). After the divorce, there are no proven mentions in the press about his new girlfriend.

Now Vincent is a very attractive, single and rich person. His estimated net worth is almost 20 million dollars. He has his accounts on Facebook and other social networks, so we recommend you to visit them and find out more about his current life.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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