Colleen Dominguez

Colleen Dominguez works as a Journalist and a sportscaster of ESPN from 2004. She was born in 1969 and raised in Pennsylvania.  She studied in the California State University of Los Angeles and graduated with a bachelor degree in the Arts degree of the liberal studies. When she graduated, she joined Fox News Magazine where she was working at the Front Page. She then became the producer of the NBC News. In 1995 , she became the reporter of KTLA-TV in the Los Angeles. During this period, she was the correspondent of the NBC Network News and she was reporting for the Today Show, MSNBC and Nightly News.

Colleen Dominguez got married when she was too young and she got two children. Peter, her son is 25 years and Anna, her daughter is 23 years old. However, she divorced her husband and the reasons for the divorce are not known to the public.  When they divorced, the husband sued her so that she can stop to use his name. She went to live with her mother together with her children in Los Angeles.

During her career with MSNBC in the Today Show and Nightly News, she was able to interview many famous people including Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez. She also interviewed Dez Brynth about how he controls his emotions and his full career with the Dallas cowboys.

At first, when she joined the ESPN, in 2003, she was in charge of getting the news for the Outside The lines Nightly show and ESPN Sports Center. She is regularly seen doing the feature reporting, interviews, covering the major sports events, presenting breaking news and taking the interviews.

Colleen Dominguez is known to be down to earth, simple, tough and responsible. Even when she separated from her husband, she was able to pursue her career dreams and she took the guardianship of the kids.  Her kids say that she is a caring and nice mother. She once mentioned in the interview that her children are too protective about her and they are always there for her in each situation.

Colleen Dominguez is hot and some internet articles write about her by considering her to be the hottest and sexiest journalist. Once, she was listed among the 50 hot media personalities. Colleen Dominguez said that before such articles were hurtful to her children but now they accustomed to them. Her children are also concerned about her, the way she does not have any boyfriend and she has always been a single parent to them.

She sometime regrets of not having enough time to spend time with her children as she would like because of her career, most of the time, her mother is the one who takes care of her children.

Even if Colleen Dominguez is not involved into many controversies, she has many sexy pictures on the internet and you can view more on her twitter account.  Her exact measurement and the size of his feet are not disclosed to the public. She is successful in her career but her net worth is not available to the public. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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