Erin Burnett

Erin Burnett was born on July 2, 1976 in Mardela Springs, Maryland. She works as a news anchor and anchors her own show on CNN called Erin Burnett OutFront.


Erin Burnett was born and also raised in the Maryland and she is the youngest child of Esther Margaret and Kenneth King Burnett who was a corporate attorney. She went to St Andrew’s School in Delaware and she graduated in 1994. She returned to her school in the year 2009 to give the commencement speech. She went to Williams College in Massachusetts where she studied political science and economics. She graduated with a degree in political science. While she was an undergraduate student, she played field hockey and Lacrosse. She was very talented with her hands and her mind.

Erin once described a childhood memory to Politico that shaped the rest of her life, “Impossible to say. One is the time my sister picked me up from piano lessons. She was 19 and on a brief weekend home from college. I used to wait on the porch on the side of the piano teacher’s house. She pulled up in the car in front of the house … just outside my vision (unaware of where I waited). So I waited two hours. I was devastated to lose that time with my big sister. It ate me alive for years. I didn’t need this experience to know how much I worshiped my sisters, but I still remember losing that time with her and realize how lucky I am to have them.”

Anchoring Career

Erin Burnett started her career path by first working at Goldman Sachs as a financial analyst in the investment banking division. She worked for the mergers and acquisition department that dealt with corporate finance. While working as a financial analyst, she was given a position at the CNN as a booker and writer for the television program, Moneyline. She left this position to go to work as the vice president of digital media for Citigroup. Afterwards, Burnett went to Bloomberg Television work as an anchor and as a stock editor. This starting experience would come in handy as she climbed up the ranks as a television anchor.

Besides her own program, Erin Burnett OutFront, she was the co anchor of Squawk On the Street which aired on CNBC. She also hosted Street Signs on CNBC. She also appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press program, Morning Joe at MSNBC, and Today with the NBC Nightly News. She made some occasional appearances on shows like The Celebrity Apprentice where she served as an advisor to the show’s host, Donald Trump. She also worked as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She has had hosted her show from many places such as at the Mali’s border, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and United Arab Emirates.


She was dubbed as an International Superstar by Joe Scarborough. She has also reported for some documentaries that were filmed in India, Russia, Nigeria, DRC and Libya.  

When asked by Politico what she would do if she was the president of the United States, Erin said, “Mandate one year of service for young people — whether domestically or overseas. It could be military or other service. Travel and exposure to people who speak other languages, have different values or live in different socioeconomic situations is important to raising open-minded, tolerant citizens.”

Personal Life

Erin Burnett is known to be very attractive which contributes to her popularity. Her husband is David Rubulotta and they have a baby together.  She said that she had always looked forward for the time that she will hold her own baby and it was a dream came through when she announced that she was pregnant. Her husband is a banker and the couple got engaged in 2011. They met because of a blind date and their marriage took place in 2012. Their child’s name is Nyle Thomas Burnett Rubulotta.

She has a salary of 2 million dollars and her TV program averages 506,000 viewers. The math means that she gets about $3.95 dollars per a viewer. However, she demanded to get a pay raise because Jeff Zucker, the new CEO wanted to move her from the 7PM time slot to a revamped show in the morning where Chris Cuomo works.  Since her contract says that she would host a show in a prime time, if they want her to change, they have to pay her very well with enough compensation. She would be taking a risk moving from her time slot so she wanted the money to make sense. Zucker said that Erin Burnett has a real talent and that she would help to raise the ratings of the morning shows. She stated that she would only be fine with the move if they gave her more money especially because she was a newlywed and she did not want to leave her husband alone to take care of their child.

Erin claims to only get five to six hours of sleep and that her level of ambition is high but selective. While the average person needs at least eight hours of sleep to function, Erin is able to succeed with just six hours. She wants to jump out of bed as soon as she can because she has so many goals that she wants to accomplish before she retires. Although Erin is focused, she does admit that she has some pet peeves. Even though the pet peeves aren’t strong because they come and go, she still has things that can get to her. She said that she doesn’t have much time to go the gym so the only exercise she is able to get is when she walks up the escalators to work. She avoids the elevators because she at least wants to get some physical activity in her work day. It really annoys her when people just stand in the middle of the escalator. She wishes that they would move to the side or just go faster.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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