Patti Ann Browne

Patti Ann Browne was born in 1965 September and she is a news reporter and anchor in the Fox News Channel. She hosts the headlines update with different Fox News Shows and she acts as a substitute in many shows. She is a host of Fox News Extra and a panelist of Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. She is a rotating co-host of Fox early morning show called Fox and Friends First which takes place before Fox and Friends.

Patti Ann Browne was born in New York and when she reached the age of 14, she suffered Scarlet fever and survived it. From the start of her career she was interested in journalism as a career and this is why she attended New York Institute of Technology. She got a masters degree of communication arts.  Because of her talent, she got a new scholarship to do production and news-writing skills. When she finished the studies, she became a teacher for the undergraduates.  She did her bachelor degree with Fordham University of New York City.

According to her measurement of 36-25-35she is tall of five feet with 2 inches. She weighs only 54 kg and she is considered to be one of the sexy figures. Her bra is 32D. Even if she is 48 years old, she looks beautiful and young. Her beauty is enhanced by long legs with sexy eyes. She is known to be even sexier in tight dresses.

In the past, she also worked as an editor of a magazine in Fordham under the name of Alternative Motifs. She worked for Newsweek magazine for four years as a part time staff.  At the start of her career, she worked as an intern of a weekly television show of Joan Lunden.  The show was about the motherhood and it was titled Mother’s Day. She started to work for Fox News in 2000 and she was the anchor for news live with updates of the headlines. She is engaged in the News Radio network and she was assigned of giving the updated of Fox. She is known to cover breaking new and she conducts many interviews. She covered Long Island Rail Road Massacre done by Colin Ferguson. She was also the one who covered the news of TWA flight of 800. 

When it comes to her life, her husband is Mike and they got married in 2004 after dating for seven months.  They got a son together in 2005 and their relationship has no problem. She was born with an identical twin sister and she has a young sister. Even if many people agree that she is happily married, some rumors has it, that she may be dating an ex-boyfriend but there is nothing conclusive which had been confirmed.

Her experience, talent and being hot ensures that she gets an impressive salary and she has also a good net worth. She likes water skiing, volleyball, running and reading. She likes to travel and she has traveled in many places like Canada, France, Ireland, England, Austria and Hungary. She has visited many places of United States. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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