Jesse Palmer

Jesse Palmer was born on 1978 in, Toronto Ontario, Canada. Jesse Palmer is a Canadian sports commentator and former professional football player known for being on the reality TV show, The Bachelor. He played quarterback in National Football League for more than four seasons. He also played college football with University of Florida.


Jesse was raised in Nepean, a suburban of Ottawa. His parents are Susan and Bill Palmer. His father played for the Ottawa Rough Riders while his mother was a print and fashion model. She owned ITM international Top Model which is a modeling agency and also a training center located in Ottawa.

Jesse attended the University of Florida on an athletic scholarship and got two degrees in Liberal Arts and Marketing.

Broadcasting Career

Jesse was very talented when he entered into the world of sports broadcasting. He worked as a color commentator for Fox for just two games initially. He then returned to the booth in 2006.

He worked with ESPN as a studio analyst for College Football Live during ABC telecasts. He was a New York correspondent of CTV where he covered entertainment and sport events such as the Super Bowl and Academy awards.

In an interview with the Digital Journal, Jesse spoke about how technology was impacted sports, “Technology has changed it in a lot of different ways. It has made the players and athletes more accessible to the fans, and they can interact with them. More than anything, social media has been a real game changer in sports, and it has connected fans with athletes and teams all around the world. Businesses have been able to build their brands, and information sharing across the board is completely different from what it was 10 or 15 years ago. With respect to football, technology has helped doctors and medical staff monitor athletes with brain trauma and concussions, not just after trauma, but even within game and competition. That has been huge."

Reality TV Star

Jesse gained popularity when he was the lead cast member of The Bachelor for its fifth season. He was the first athlete to be the lead on the reality TV show. He got a lot of attention in the public because of how he liked to appear shirtless while he was on the reality show.  Many people liked how he looked in the pictures and some of the photos become viral on the internet.  He gained a number of social media followers because of his looks and charming attitude.

At the conclusion of the show, the winner was Jessica Bowlin, who was a 22 year old blonde woman from California. She was a law student while the runner up was Tara Huckeby. Jesse had to make a choice between 25 women and he narrowed the choices down to two before he decided to be with Bowlin.


He wanted Jessica to relocate to New York but Jessica refused. She was his girlfriend only for a short period and they decide to break off because of the distance but they said that they are still friends. Palmer is known to be secretive and it is hard to know if he has other girlfriends. The only relationship which was known for is with Jessica because their relationship was made famous by the reality television show. 

When asked by the media, Jesse Palmer says that he is married to his job and he does not have enough time to enter into a serious relationship. He is liked by many fans both male and female. He said that he agreed to be on the reality show because he wanted to meet a person who is interested in dating him because of the person he is but not because he is a former NFL player. He was interested in meeting the girls who signed up without knowing who he was. He agreed to meet many women but he wanted to find a girl who was genuine, sincere and honest. 

In the end. The Bachelor ended up being a good time for Jesse, "That was so cool. That was a very unique experience, since it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot about myself along the way. That was a wild ride!"

Advocate for Social Issues

Jesse has a partnership with Good Sports, he spoke with the Digital Journal about the launch of Equip-A-Kid, “That is something I am really, really excited about. I've been a national spokesperson for them for a little over a year now. It is a great organization, whose mission statement hits close to home with me. There are really shocking statistics out there, with respect to the decline of participation of kids in sports. The No. 1 issue is the lack of access to equipment, and that is something that Good Sports has done such a great job of over the years. It helped donate $26 million in equipment, apparel and footwear, that has helped impact about five million kids across the country. Good Sports is able to reach all these kids, in ways that a lot of other people can't. There are still around five million kids that are on the 'sidelines,' that need equipment and the opportunity to go and play, so there is still a lot of work to be done”

Jesse is also a national spokesperson for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. In an interview with Future Personal Health, Jesse talked about the fight against cancer, “For example, each NFL team has a roster of 53 players, so 43 children per day is practically an NFL team, per day. I’m continually humbled by the kids’ courage to overcome and their strength to keep pushing. It has personally been very humbling and extremely impactful. These children all have different and unique dreams, however there is one that binds them together. They all dream to be cancer-free. Cancer is a battle that no one fights alone, and to help support patients and their families in this fight, and the financial burden of cancer, goes beyond the treatments themselves. It’s important to note, help does not only come financially through donations, but also through awareness and support of the cause.”

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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