Sandra Sully

Sandra Sully was born in Australian and she is a news presenter and journalist. She is a presenter for Ten Eyewitness News from 2011 and before she was a presenter of Sports Tonight of Ten Late News. Sully went to Brisbane State High School and she graduated in 1978.  She is the first Australian journalist on the television who covered the news of the 11 September attack. She was still on the air when the attack took place and after sometime, she started to present it live.  She was also the presenter of the National Carbon test from Cool Aid Australia. She was the first woman who presented Melbourne Cup Carnival and she did this in seven years.

Sully was born in 1962 together with her twin sister, with other 2 brothers. She got married to Mark Ryan but they divorced. Their marriage lasted from 1998 to 2000, but they did not have children. She was voted as the 4th favorite female on the Australian television.  Before she was a personal trainer before she joined 10s news team.  Sully has a monotone, and deep voice which is classic to the newsreader for onscreen and off-screen.  This is why she is trusted to present the news to Australians even if it is an industry full of men.

Sully and her fellow Journalist called Matt Doran worked for a new police crime program at Monday night which was called Wanted. She did the interview with the people who were near the victims so that they may help in solving the case and they called up the Crimestoppers. She presented Ten Eyewitness News Sydney and she hosted other major events like royal wedding coverage when she went in London, federal budget, and Big O of Oprah Winfrey from Botanical Gardens.  

The career of Sandra Sully is for over a decade and she started like a presenter and also a senior editor for Ten Late News at Sports Tonight together with Brad McEWan. She also covered the commemoration anniversary of September 11 attacks and Bali Bombing.  She travelled to Timor during the year 2010 so that she can produce the report on how the country was holding up after the post liberation of Independent Future.  She started with Ten Eyewitness during the year 1990s before she started to present Sydney 5 p in the weeknight bulletin.

By following the new trend Sally started to present the news by sitting on the side  and this let the viewers to see some of her legs. She started also to wear a low cut top which revealed more cleavage.  Even if this increased the rating especially from Bachelors but some people were concerned if she is not too sexy to be on the news.

Sully is a wife to an executive Symon Weston and she became the stepmother of his adopted daughter called Mia. She is now working with Deborra Lee Furness to encourage people to adopt. She said that she discovered a new world when he married his husband who had already a daughter. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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