Nadia Bilchik

Nadia Bilchik is the president for Great Impact Communication; she is a professional speaker who works together with Editorial Producer at the cnn.  She now hosts the Weekend Morning Passport together with TJ Holmes. She hosted and anchored the feature program at the CNN international and CNN Airport Network together with Mnet Television of South Africa.  In the past, she interviewed the granddaughter and the daughter of Nelson Mandela about how he lived at the CNN.  She is a speaker and she hosted the launch event of the Georgia Restaurant Association together with Ted Turner. She was also the host of the SOS Children’s Village opening in the South Africa by Nelson Mandela.

According to her biography, Nadia Bilchik was born in the South Africa. She got the licentiate in the Speech and Drama from the Trinity College of London and the degree in the Drama and English from the University of Cape Town. She is an author of different books such as Small Changes: Big Impact, Life after College (Hundred of Heads Survival Guides and the Little Book of Big Network Ideas: A guide to Expert Networking. She had also participated into the filmography such as Soweto Green, Thieves of Fortun and Acts of Piracy.

Nadia Bilchik is a well known and popular anchor for the television and she is currently working at the CNN in the weekend Morning Passport.  She is also known because of her writing and being a key note speaker. She had hosted many events which featured in many local and international TV station.

Nadia hosted the WIT connect for the Georgia Technology Association and International women in the Film Crystal Award ceremony. She hosted the inaugural function of Georgia Restaurant Association. She got the community award for her work. She had profiled in the Fair Lady, Flair, Atlanta, and Sunday Times, Atlanta life/times and Business Chronicle and many other publications. She had been the keynote speaker for the Beyond the Dress event in South Africa which works in liberating the women and in empowering them.

Nadia excelled in communication field with her fun filled, unique and sensible approach. Many of the advance communication expertise do come from the years of the experience in consulting and interviewing most prominent global celebrities and personalities. She uses her keynote to empower the women and to inspire them.

If Nadia Bilchik is married, the name of her husband is not on the record. She says that she lived in South Africa for a long period but she was ignorant in how the black people were living. She came to understand that the life she was living as a white was a normal life but not a privilege. She was walking in the whites’ only neighborhood when she saw the police van stop with two armed white police officers who began the interrogation of the black people and who was taking them to prison because of moving around without the pass. This is when she became aware of the meaning of the apartheid. She is active on twitter and you can follow her here. 

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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