Delia Gallagher

Delia Gallagher and her birthday, is on March, 11 1970 and she is an American Journalist who was based in the Rome and who is currently serving for the Senior Editor for the Inside the Vatican magazine. She served cnn before. She is based in the New York and Gallagher had worked as the analyst of CNN Vatican, religious journalist and vaticanologist. Before she started to work for CNN on the full time basis, she lived in the Rome for 7 years.  She wrote a column on weekly basis for the Zenit News Agency and she was the contributing editor for all magazine. The Angels and Demons decoded under the History Channel Documentary had been released by the A and E television Network and had the profile of Gallagher when she was commenting to the best seller of Dan Brown which has been turned into a movie. She also moderate Angels and Demons movie press conference film debut from Rome at the stage where Tom Hanks, Dan Brown and Ron Howard were speaking English and Italian.

Delia Gallagher met Pope Benedict XVI and liked to travel together with John Paul II. This included the last trip he made to Poland.  During the death of Pope John Paul, she broadcasted and also commented about this unfolding event under CNN worldwide.

Delia Gallagher is of immigrant from Ireland. Her parents met in America and they wedded in the Ireland in the year 1969. Delia was born in the San Francisco after a year. She grew up in San Jose and her parents continue to reside in that place up to now. She has four younger siblings and Delia is their oldest child.

Delia Gallagher went to St Joseph of Cupertino School and she attended her preparatory school at St Lawrence Academy. She earned the undergraduate degree at the level of University of San Francisco and she was the editor for The Foghorn, which is the school newspaper. She then went to Blacfkfriars , in Oxford University. She got her Mphil in the theology. Gallagher speaks Italian Fluently while she can hold a conversation in French.  When she was still in the college, Delia Gallagher worked at a part time level with KCBS San Francisco.  

While working for cnn, Delia Gallaghertravelled a lot with Pope John Paul II, in different countries such as Spain, Croatia, Poland and Slovakia. She was in charge of covering the news which was related with Vatican rules about the Homosexuality with the issues which are about the Priesthood. She had reported about intelligent design and on the Hassidic Jews in the Brookyln. She has a work of two hours which is called The Last Days of Pope John Paul II:  the Untold Stories which was telecasted on the anniversary of his death. She did also appear like a religious expert on different shows at the CNN. She had consulted first encyclical Deus Caritas Est of the Pope Benedict XVI. It is hard to know if she is married or not because there is not record about her husband. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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