Lauren Simonetti

Lauren Simonetti had joined the Fox Business Network or FBN working in the field producer capacity. She made her way slowly to the top and started to work like a reporter. She was in charge of many major news on the economic or market events. She had worked at the CNN like a business news writer and her husband is Mark Cubrilo. Mark works as the satellite engineer for Fox News Channels. Lauren had lived with the husband in the Manhattan and they went to Zanzibar and in Tanzania for the Honeymoon. None knows her salary details or net worth since they have not yet been revealed to the public.  However, it was assumed that she is being paid a lot by this channel because of her perfection and style while working.

When asked about how Lauren Simonetti met her husband, she said that they knew one another well before they got married and they knew one another well. They worked together for a long period but they have never connected on a personal level. At the slow news night, Mark had incited to take the staff out which included Lauren and they went for dinner.  All other staffs who were included did not come to the dinner and Mark and Lauren had to take the dinner on their own.  This was not meant to be a setup but all other people had to cancel because of work related and various personal reasons. This is how these two started their life together.  When they went out, they found out that it is Halloween so they got the costume and they became a couple that night but unofficially.  When she met with the brother of Mark, he told him that Mark had already a crush on her. They did have the first date with the pretext that they are just going for a lunch.  Afterwards, they started to enjoy the visits into the parks, museums or lunch which became a routine and it lead to the relationship. They become serious and they ended up as a married couple.

The details on other relationships for each one of them were not in the focus and the previous relationship with other details is not recorded. Lauren is active online and many people are interested in following on the twitter. However, her husband does not connect too much online.  Lauren said that her husband is good when it comes to choosing the destination.  Since Lauren has a flexible work shift, they can easily go to exotic trips and to different destination without any problem.  With the lack of the rumors about them, it is believed that they are living a happier life.  It is hard to know more about her age since it is not clear when it is her birth date. When it is based on her public profile, she has started her professional life in 2007 at FBN. She had already finished the master degree at this time which means that she may have been born from 1980 to 1985

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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