Maria Stephanos

Maria Stephanos is a famous for being a reporter and news anchor for almost two decades. She is the current for The 10 O'Clock News on MeTV Boston with her broadcasting partner, Ben Simmoneau.


Maria Stephanos was born in 1964. She grew up in Massachusetts where her father was working as a salesman at a beauty salon. When she was just three years of age, she suffered a stroke and she struggled through childhood because of her condition. With the love of her family, she was able to make it through and beat her medical issues.

She went to Boston High School for her primary education. She went on to get her bachelor degree at Umass Amherst College. She also has a master’s degree in mass communications which she got at Emerson College.

Journalism Career

She started her career in journalism as a news reporter for radio stations such as WCBC Radio, WBUR, NPR Radio, and WABC Radio. Starting in 1997, she was reporting and also anchoring for the Fox25 News Television channel. She started in the role of a general assignment reporter but she was then promoted to be a chief anchor because of her excellent work. She is bold speaker and she expresses her views from the bottom of her soul.

Maria Stephanos was given an award from the Associated Press in 2000 because of her excellent feature writing. She is considered to be one of the most experienced broadcast journalists on television. She is a versatile reporter and she has covered different assignments such as state, local and national elections. She covered many republican and democratic conventions and she interviewed three different US presidents during her long career. She also covered other news from the Hall of Massachusetts state house. She was involved in many historical events, she was the one who provided the coverage for the memorial event after Elvis Presley passed away. It was an honor for to pay respects to the music icon.

Since she keeps her life private, she is not known to be involved in any controversies or rumors. She is well respected people in the news industry because of her professionalism and kind personality.

Embarrassing Moments and Friends in Journalism

In an interview Boston Magazine, Maria provided some insight on her work ethic, her embarrassing experiences as a journalist, and what the landscape is like for local anchors. When asked about what type of jobs she had before she entered her main career as a journalist, Maria said, “I worked at Cheers Beacon Hill while I was getting my undergrad degree at Emerson, and I honestly believe that that real-life experience of being a waitress prepared me for the world of broadcast news. I had to juggle a million things while talking to customers in such a way that they would hopefully give me a decent tip.”


There was one moment in Maria’s career when she was almost the victim of a wardrobe malfunction live on air, “I have had 5 million embarrassing moments while on air. I have coughed, I have sneezed, I have laughed, I have cried. One of my more interesting moments was when I began a newscast and said, “Good evening, I’m Maria Stephanos,” and as my name was coming out of my mouth, the button on my suit jacket was popping off. It felt like slow motion. I took my right hand and covered the area that was open, and I continued on with the story. That was before the Internet, fortunately.”

Mara is a competitive person and understands that relationships between opposing newscasters in the local area can be tense but she would rather maintain a peaceful union with her peers, “I have friends at all of the local television stations, and oh, we’re competitive. We all want to win, we all want to be the best, and we all want to get the exclusive. But at the end of the day, we’re people who have stood shoulder to shoulder through some of the worst stories our nation and city have seen. So yes, we are competitors on air, but off the air many of us are close friends.”

Personal Life

She is 5.2 inches tall and she maintains her body very well. She is reaching her old age but is still very pretty and her legs are loved by many people who watch her on TV. She is an active person in her family life as well as her professional life. Her parents are proud when they watch her and she has never disappointed them or disappointed her fans and followers. She likes her followers very much and she updates them regularly on daily issues and her life through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. She motivates her followers on a regular basis and this ensures that she will always have loyal follower base on her social media platforms.

Maria Stephanos’ husband is Dale Stephanos. Her loving husband works as a writer and political narrator. They do not have any children yet. Her life is kept away of the media but there hasn’t been any speculation or rumors about a divorce because they are very happy together.

Maria Stephanos is known to be kind hearted and she is involved in many philanthropic institutions. She inherited the spirit of giving from her father. She is involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the American Heart Association. She attended a fashion show to support its charitable cause of supporting homeless dogs because she loves animals.

She loves living and working in Boston. She thinks the city is the greatest place in the world to live in. She doesn’t think there is any other place where you can be surrounded by smart, sassy, opinionated, and passionate people who also care about each other deeply. She is proud to be from the city because the people have a lot of pride from living there.

She has an annual salary is 755,254 dollars and has built up a lot of wealth from her news career.

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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