Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft was born on 24th August, 1984 in a Jewish family in San Francisco Bay Area. Being born in a Jewish emigrant family, from Moscow, she learned to speak Russian as her first language but later she learned other languages like English, French and Hebrew. The details regarding her siblings are not in the public domain, so it is assumed that she is an only child

She loved to watch weather channel during her childhood and had a passion for meteorology. She hosted her own TV show on travel and entertainment when she was only 16 which showed an earlier inner desire to be in front of the camera. As a young adult, she was fascinated with culture and travel. She travelled to the United Kingdom, Israel, and France, where she learned the three languages. Apart from visiting the three countries, she also trekked through Europe, Asia and South America, where she visited Peru and climbed Mount Machu Picchu.


She completed her schooling from Menlo School in Atherton, California. She joined Annenberg School of Journalism of the University of Southern California, where she also forecasted the weather while pursuing her Broadcast Journalism and Political Science degree in 2006.

She later enrolled at Mississippi State University, where she attained a degree in Meteorology.


Evelyn Rachel Taft is a well-known media personality, who currently appears on KCAL- TV channel 9 station in Los Angeles as a weeknight meteorologist. Apart from meteorology, she also worked as an anchor, news editor, director and journalist for this channel. 

Before her current career as a meteorologist, she and another three reporters, Rick Garcia, Sharon Tay and Stephanie Simmons, joined KCAL 9 in August 2010. This station is among the top rated channels in Los Angeles for viewership appreciation. These four news casters were assigned to the prestigious 10 PM weekday primetime news. With the introduction of Evelyn Taft and the three newcomers, the viewership levels climbed another 28% to 160,000. The station's general manager attributed their success to the great team work being presented by the new staff, combining insights, personality and unique experiences to delight the viewers.

Before joining KCAL 9, Taft worked for KRON 4 in San Francisco, presenting the weather forecast.  Before KRON 4, she worked with KCOY, a CBS affiliate as a weather anchor and reporter. Her assignments included field reporting which took her to different locations like wildfires and live accidents to report the daily news.


She is an icon of weather forecast due to her knowledge, passion and understanding of the subject. Unlike some less entertaining forecasters, Evelyn is recognized for her ability to deliver the weather report in a warm casual manner, eliciting great concentration from the viewers. She is flawless and very relaxed in her explanations.   

Awards and Recognitions

Evelyn is a member of the National Weather Association which has granted her the association's Seal of Approval. She was nominated as Woman of the Month in December 2011 by the Midlife Bachelor Magazine for her positive influence to young people.

Private Life

Evelyn Taft is currently married to Ross Resnick who was her longterm boyfriend before their marriage. Her husband is a simple guy who is well known as the founder of an online directory called 'Roaming Hunger'. Roaming Hunger essentially locates food trucks and street food vendors from all over the United States. The site is meant for on-the-go kind of people who want a quick snack in between their tight schedules or just want to try a tasty bite to eat.

Ross and Evelyn are beautiful couple who got engaged in the year 2010 when Ross proposed her for marriage in Orient Beach. They got married in 2011 but they have been living their enjoyable life together for a much longer time. Her husband describes Evelyn as a good wife and a perfect mother who believes in keeping her personal life confidential and away from media sources. 

Evelyn Taft has been recognized as a beautiful lady with great sense of humor who loves to spend as much time as possible with her husband and baby. Evelyn gave birth to a baby girl in March of 2014. The name of the child had been selected even before her birth: She was to be called Elle, in honor of Evelyn's late grandfather, who had a nickname Elle.

Evelyn Taft has managed to stay away from any type of controversies, affairs and other social gossip like divorce. Many believe this is because both her and her husband believe in keeping their personal life and relationship confidential. For example, Ross only gives business-oriented interviews to the media and never talks about his wife or their personal matters, which is just another reason why so many details regarding how their relationship began, their courtship, wedding plans and the likes are not known to the public. It is because of this that very little is known about her previous relationships as well.

Taft's net worth has not been made public but it is clear that she earns a reasonably high annual salary package from her channel after gaining so much experience in forecasting and journalism. 

In her spare time, Evelyn likes cooking, sailing, reading and family time. She also like sampling the street food trucks in support of her husband's website.

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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