Dari Alexander

Dari Alexander is the famous Fox 5 news anchor. She loved cooking as a child; went on to study cooking to Paris and is a trained chef, when it comes to laying down superb recipes on the table. She also can give you a lot of advice about making your food good & healthy; what to eat what not to eat and how to make healthy food delicious.

Dari Alexander is an active member when it comes to supporting various community based initiatives, organizations like, inner-city scholarship fund, literary advocacy and fresh air fund.

There are no rumors about divorce or any other marital problems between her and her unnamed husband. She is not known to have any affairs with her co-workers or seen with any other person in the public that can raise rumors. Since there are no details about problems or rumors, it can be concluded that her marital life is smooth. No person has every stated in the internet that Dari is his wife. She has not officially posted any pictures of her with her family. She is said to have two children with him.

For someone who does not want to be in the media glare constantly and does not wish to make her personal life public, it’s a freedom of choice, she is using. It’s everyone’s right to maintain privacy and the media should respect it. Let people live their lives the way, they please. It’s a choice that she has decided to choose the career she is in and she is good. It’s by choice she disclosed her cooking passion and the knowledge she shared with others to help them live a healthy life. Similarly, her wish is not to disclose her personal life details about her husband and family.

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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