Lauren green

Lauren Green is a fox news channel’s chef religion correspondent. Before she was the headline anchor and she was giving the updates on weekly basis on the top and on the bottom of every hour in the morning television show called Fox and Friends. She was also appearing on the guest panelist of the Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld. Her parents are Bessie and Robert Green in the Minneapolis. She has two sisters who are Lois and Barbara with two brothers Kenneth and Leslie. In 1984, she won the pageant of Miss Minnesota and she was a third runner up for Miss America of 1985.

Lauren is the youngest child in the family and when they were young, they lived in a three bedroom home.  While she was still young, she got interest in the art and music because of her elder siblings. Even if the family did not have enough monetary resources, it was emphasized to get information from different areas.  When she was still a teenager, she used her charm to start modeling in the local department store and she got some money for herself.  While in high school, she is known to be a tomboy and she was in the gymnastic team.

While in school, Lauren Green majored in the music and she emphasized on the performance of piano.  While she was still in college, she did not decide on the career yet but she went to Los Angeles to try hands on becoming an actress. Even if she had some success, she decided afterwards to go back home to compete for the Miss Minnesota. She was able to win and she became the first black girl to be a miss Minnesota.

She did her schooling at Medill School of Journalism at the Northwestern University and then she became the Intern of KSTP.  Her friend and a class mate called her so that she can act with Kristie Alley in the video, My name is Prince. Even if Lauren Green is known because of her beauty, she is also famous because of her giving heart and kindness.

She plays music and she released the album known as classical piano music.  She played the keyboard for the band of Mike Huckabee called The Little Rockers. She performed for the great concert of Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, who is a brother to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVII and he was also in attendance. She said that it was a lifetime honor.

Lauren Green is not married yet but she is engaged to Ted Nikolis and they have been together for 3 years. She is planning to have a Greek wedding. She has a already a daughter who she writes about mostly in her blog. She says that she does not understand how she lived when her daughter was yet born.

She started Lauren Green agency in 1996 and the agency specializes on the commercial on camera and print materials.  It serves a large number of clients that range from the consumer products, lifestyle brands and pharmaceuticals. The agency is growing on daily basis and there is always new faces and new clients joining in. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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