Natarsha Belling

Natarsha Belling who in regular terms have come up the ladder in her professional life with hard work and passion and also in her personal life like any one of us has juggled between work and home and have come out a winner given the challenges life threw at her.

Being known as the national news presenter at network 10 in Australia; she is an active member on many other fronts; like she is on the advisory board for the national breast and ovarian cancer; ambassador for Alzheimer at royal hospital for women in Australia, the bonnie babes’ foundation and the cancer council.

She has been hosting prestigious events like Australia day celebrations or international women’s day celebration with dignitaries, which drew huge crowds of more than 20000 people. She is a sought after MC. Having achieved so much fame and recognition, she like all of us, considers her proudest achievement to be the birth of her sons and adores them to the hilt. Like any of us, the health issue of the little one takes precedence over anything else.

Her husband, Glen, who she depends on every time for support and assurance and he reciprocated the warmth which makes them a happy couple, who amidst their demanding career and raising two kids, find time later at night to sip a coffee or two and discuss about the day’s work like any of us would like to do with our life partner.

I would not say she is an idle person or does not make any mistakes; everyone does. Only recently, she was in news for filling her tank at the gas station and forgetting to pay the bill and driving off only to realize when called by police the mistake; it was a laughing stock on the news and an embarrassing moment for her when her co- anchor pulled one on her during the live show. She is a person of strong character. Even when she was dropped from the show, she wore a brave face to the media.

She does not talk a lot about her personal life. She once talked about her time, struck in the traffic when her baby boy was struggling to breathe. She talked about his illness and how she is coping with it. She also talked about her pregnancies and the problems in it. She does not talk a lot about Glean and their marital relationship. There are no rumors about separation or any other marital problems. There are no rumors about her having any extra-marital relationships. 

Glen is also free from such rumors. Glen is also inert to the media when it comes to their personal life. Neither of them were seen with any other person with whom they can be rumored to have a relationship. They both were not known to have dated any notable persons before their marriage and their dating history is out of media’s radar. There are no rumors about separation or other problems in her personal life, till date.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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