Tamara Nora Holder

Tamara Nora Holder is a criminal defence attorney and writer, from Chicago, Illinois, and is also a contributor and guest host for Fox News Channel. She has had stints with CNN, HLN and TruTV as well, and has written for major publications such as The Huffington Post and The Daily Caller. However, even though she is most widely recognizable as a media personality, she is, first and foremost, a legal practitioner. She has made a formidable reputation as a ruthless attorney when it comes to the matters of her clients, and testimonials of her legal brilliance are aplenty.

Tamara Holder is a gorgeous woman in her own right, and is notorious for keeping her personal life far, far away from the limelight. However, we do know that she is currently single, and has never been married. So, naturally, questions about her husband, marriage or divorce are more or less pointless. There have never been any reports regarding any possible boyfriends either; as far as we know, the lovely Tamara Holder has been single all her life – that is, of course, hard to believe, given that Tamara is one of those women who have been blessed with both beauty and brains. But then again, there might be a man in her life, a Prince Charming who makes her laugh, and the only reason we do not know about him being her phenomenal success at keeping her love life far away from prying eyes.

But, wait a minute – has she indeed been so very successful at this endeavor? Some would say no. And the reason is a discrimination lawsuit filed against Jesse Jackson, Sr. (who is an American civil rights activist and Baptist minister) by a gay employee of his. The lawsuit blatantly states that Tamara Holder had been having an affair with Rev. Jackson – who is also father to Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. – and that the senior Jackson had illegally used said employee – a Mr. Tommy R. Bennet – to facilitate his relationship with Holder. Apparently, Jackson had visited Holder – who was referred to as Jackson’s mistress (extremely scandalous, that) – at her apartment multiple times, while Bennet waited outside in the car. Jackson’s family was made aware of the situation by another mistress of his (frankly, how many mistresses does the man need?), in a letter. Bennet was also forced into escorting Jackson’s many paramours – one of whom was Holder – into Jackson’s hotel rooms, and cleaning up after they had spent time together inside.

The media, of course, erupted into a frenzy at this juicy tidbit about the personal life of the elusive Tamara Holder – shocked gasps were heard all over the place, criticism was doled out, and numerous discussions were conducted. Naturally, Holder was asked to comment on the issue. However, while Jackson, Sr. has maintained that the allegations are entirely false, no such denials – and to be fair, confirmations – have been heard from Holder, even after she was approached by the media, multiple times.

That is the story of Tamara Holder and her campaign to keep her personal life under wraps. Now, dear reader, it is up to you to measure the degree of her success at this particular endeavor.

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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