Cheryl Cason

It seems to be the norm that the ladies working in broadcast journalism – reporters, anchors, or journalists – are stunning, gorgeous and fiercely talented; and Fox Business Network’s (FBN) Cheryl Casone seems to be no exception.

Cheryl Cecile Casone is, in many ways, an integral part of FBN – she is an anchor, financial contributor, interviewer and reporter and also provides the weekly job reports. However, more importantly, she is one of the most recognisable faces on the network, and we all know how important the ability to be recognized is, in the world of broadcast journalism.

Born in Florida on July 8, 1970 – yes, she is in her forties, but no one would say that looking at her – Casone attended North Arizona University in Arizona, and graduated with a B.S. in Public Relations. Before moving on to journalism, she worked as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines for a while. Her career in the media began with her working at CNX Media, after which she moved to KRON-TV. She has worked with several other networks before finally moving to Fox in November 2006.

And now we have that most important question (well, at least as far as her humongous male fan base is concerned) – Is there a man in her life? To put it simply, no one is really sure. It seems that Ms. Casone is yet another one of those notoriously private celebrities, and has been extremely successful at keeping her personal life – particularly her dating profile – far, far away from the ravenous gaze of the media. Consequently, the natural next step – speculation – has been taken care of, rather assiduously.

Most reports seem to agree on the fact that there has never been a marriage – and consequently, no divorce – in Casone’s life. There seems to be no evidence that points to her having a boyfriend – or even an affair – either. As is the case with most successful career women, people have attributed her unattached status to her dedication to her career, and the fact that she is too busy to have time for a committed relationship.

Then again, there is always the possibility that there is indeed a man in her life, someone cherished so much that Casone has given it her all to keep any whiff of their relationship out of the tabloids, so that beyond the limelight and the fame, they might have their own private universe. Certainly, the possibility that such a man – if he exists – would be her husband, is slim to none, given that there is an almost-universal agreement regarding the fact that she is not married.

Whatever the case may be, as long as Casone keeps her mouth shut about her personal life, speculations are all that there will ever be. And boy, would the world be shocked if, out of the blue, she announces that she got married in a private ceremony in a romantic corner of the world, or that there has been that one special man in her life, all this while; and there will be broken male hearts too, plenty of them. More power to you, Cheryl Casone (in case that sort of thing ever happens, that is).  

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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