Gloria Borger

Gloria Borger was born on September 22, 1952 in New Rochelle, New York. She is an American political pundit, journalist, and columnist that is most known for being a chief political analyst for CNN.

Personal Life

Gloria grew up in a Jewish household while she was raised in New York. Her father ran his own business called Borger’s which was a company that distributed electrical appliances. Growing up in New York would influence Gloria’s future political views. The city was full of different cultures and backgrounds. Her upbringing would make her very accepting of people and lead her to become a fighter for the disenfranchised.

Like many other journalists, Borger has also been generally tight-lipped about her personal life. She wants to protect the intimate details of her personal life so that nothing can be used against her. She understands how dirty the game of journalism can get she refuses to give her enemies any ammo to use against her.

Borger is beautifully stunning even in her sixties and is one half of a blissfully happy marriage with her husband, Lance Morgan. He is currently the chief communication strategist at Powell Tate. The couple have been together pretty much ever since their college days. The loving couple gave birth to two sons. One of her sons, Evan is married to the daughter of a politician named Jon Huntsman Jr. The name of her daughter in law is Mary Anne Huntsman. It’s no shock that her son decided to marry a woman that was related to the political field.

Gloria’s Love Story

According to Borger, their love story started even before she attended Colgate University. The summer before she joined Colgate, she had seen a car with a Colgate sticker on it in a Bloomingdale’s parking lot. She left a note on the windshield, which went something along the lines of her being really excited to be going to Colgate and promptly forgot about leaving the note. She thought she was being foolish for leaving a note on a stranger’s car. But she was so excited that there was someone else going to her future college so she couldn’t help herself. She had a very outgoing personality and didn’t mind putting herself out there to reach out to people and make new friends.

When she started attending Colgate University, she met the owner of the car that she had left the note on. He and his friend were two editors welcoming the incoming class to Colgate. The owner of the car ended up being the best friend of Gloria’s future husband. He introduced Gloria to his best buddy, Lance Morgan.

Gloria and Lance instantly hit it off because of their shared interests. They became boyfriend and girlfriend for almost the entirety of her stay at Colgate University. They were committed to each other and so sure of their love that they decided to get married four months after she graduated from the university.

It is obvious from the few times Borger has spoken about her marriage that she has always tried to balance her professional life and her private life. She only chooses to share the stories that wants to be public. It is very clear that Borger is still very much in love with her husband, even after decades of being together.


Gloria has learned much about herself in the many years she has been with Morgan. Gloria considers to be a mother and a professional. She tries her best to be the best she could be in both of her roles.

Gloria’s Political Commentary Career

Gloria worked for the U.S. News & World Report magazine as a contributing editor and columnist. One of Borger’s most famous coverage was when she reported on the Three Mile Island accident in 1979 for Newsweek.

She was a national political correspondent for CBS News. She got some experience as a co-anchor when she hosted CNBC’s Capital Report and CBS’s Face the Nation and 60 Minutes II.

When she joined CNN in 2007, she was asked to appear on multiple shows including The Situation Room.

Gloria’s fans really enjoy her work as a political analyst because they trust what she tells them. She has had many years of experience covering the deepest levels of politics during election years and current events that happen daily. She is able to explain the political process to viewers in a way that empowers them instead of confusing them. When election season hits, she is at her best. She is filled with excitement and enthusiasm as she shares her opinions with the audience.

She takes pride in being prepared and doing her research. She never wants to be caught on camera with a thoughtless opinion. She like to be confident in her stances because she knows that they are well researched. She is able to dive deep into how the country works. Even though she presents a large amount of information to her audience, she is able to do it in a conversational style as mixes in humor with her insight.

She understands that the message will not get across to people if they aren’t paying attention. To make things easier for people, she breaks down the news in a way that makes the viewers think about how it will affect them. Instead of talking down to her viewers, she puts herself in their shoes and tries to guide them along. She knows that she is responsible for shaping their opinions and does not take the job lightly.

Gloria had a decorated career that was filled with awards. In 2008, she helped CNN earn a Peabody Award for playing an important role in the network’s America Votes coverage. In 2013, she won the National Headliners Award for her program called Marriage Warriors: Showdown at the Supreme Court. In 2012, her CNN team was awarded the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage when they reported on the 2008 Presidential Primary campaigns and debates. She received a personal 2010 Emmy nomination when she reported on attorneys David Boies and Ted Olson in The Odd Couple.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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