Nasim Pedrad

Nasim Pedrad is a young and beautiful television actress as well as a stand-up comedian.

Personal life

 Nasim Pedrad was born in the year 1981 on November 18th to her parents Parviz Pedrad and Arasteh Amani. She was brought up in Tehran, in Iran but later, when her sibling was born, they shifted to the United States. Nasim and her sister Nina spend their rest childhood years in California. Their parents worked in different multinational companies and had no time for them. She had to take care of her sister and also helped her in studies. Nasim was a very helpful person and helped her mother in the household chores, when she came back from the work.

Besides, she also maintained her studies. She studied in the University High School of California and always ranked among the best students in the class. She also showed a great interest in cultural events organised in her school. She participated in dramas several times and had also achieved award for being the Best Actress. It was from these events that she developed a strong interest for theatres and films. This is the reason that after completing her graduation, she took the admission in the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television. She achieved her degree in 2003 and also became a legal member of the UCLA Spring Sing Company. No news regarding her love affairs, married life or husband has been recorded yet. Probably, she is not willing to get committed, at such a young age.


Nasim started her career as a host. She hosted the show Me, Myself and Iran with The Groundings. Though it was not a very popular company, Nasim took to the other level with her talent. The number of viewers increased with the popularity of the show. Her initial career strategy was very successful, which gave her confidence. The show also got selected in the HBO Comedy Festival which was organised in the Las Vegas.

Her first job also fetched her, an award for her comedic role which was LA Weekly Best Comedic Performance of the Year Award. This popularity took her career to a higher level and she stepped into the television industry. Her first role was in the television series Glimore Girls. Though she appeared for only one episode in the show, her acting skills were very impressive.

She appeared in several TV shows like The Winner, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She performed in some popular recurring roles as Poppy, Shallon, Bedelia and many more. She appeared in several movies like No Strings Attached in 2011, The Lorax in 2012 and The Dictator in the same year. Her voice role in Allen Gregory and Despicable Me 2 were also worth appreciating. She has many followers on her Instagram account due to her great popularity. Though her exact net worth cannot be estimated yet, it is quite high.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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