Renee Chenault

Renee Chenault is a renowned personality in Pennsylvania and if you are from Pennsylvania, there is a good chance that you would know her. She worked as a co-anchor with NBC 10 News

Personal life

Renee Chenault, born in the year 1957 on October 12, was the third child of her parents. She had two elder siblings. She spent her childhood days in Colorado, United States. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a home maker. She was greatly encouraged by her father's profession. She took great interest in political and courtly affairs.

She always had discussions with her father regarding these matters and also participated in various debates. When Renee completed her graduation from the high school, she wanted to pursue political science. She took admission in the Johns Hopkins University and later achieved a major degree in law from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

She practised as a law year for two years at the Hughes Hubbard and Reed in New York. She developed to be a very good lawyer and later joined Damon Keith, the judge of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Though she took perfect training to become a lawyer, she moved her attention towards media studies. She studied the Media and Journalism to achieve a master's degree from the University of Missouri, in Columbia.

Renee married Chaka Fattah who is a political Congressman. The couple dated for some years before tying the knot. She is the third wife of her husband. Her husband is presently working in the 2nd Congressional District of Pennsylvania. Renee is now happily married to Fattah and have a daughter and son named as Cameron Chenault and and Frances.


 In the year 1991, Renee Chenault joined as an anchor and as a reporter to the station. She was appointed for broadcasting the noon show in cooperation with Tim Lake. She impressed everyone in the house with her skills as an anchor.

She also received promotion in the year 1995 and was given the opportunity to host the 6 pm to 11 pm show. Later, Tim Lake again joined her in the year 2003. Both of them co-anchored the news of 4 pm to 11 pm. After anchoring with Lake for continuous eight years, she anchored with Larry Mendte and Ken Matz. She left the channel after that because she wanted to spend quality time with her family.

She was superior to them in skills and talents as an anchor and this is the reason that she was honoured and awarded throughout her professional life. She was counted in the list of the most influential political personalities in Pennsylvania in the Sy Synder’s Power 50. Renee was also named in the list of Politics PA for being the Pennsylvania’s Most Politically Powerful Women. She was also honoured by the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia when, in the year 2009, she was invited to the Hall of Fame. She has many followers on her Instagram account and also has a high net worth of $950,000.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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