He was born in 1958 in New York, the USA to white parents who had American citizenship. He has been a very good student all throughout hs school as well as college days. He at first wanted to be a doctor as he had a very high interest in Biology but he ended b choosing another field altogether. The data available about his life is very scarce on the internet but from what is available it is known that he has been a very influential figure in New York Bar Association. Not much information is available about his childhood days and it is not known whether he had any siblings or not. The information about what inspired him to be a businessman is also not known. He is often confused with a person of the same name who is an NBA coach and another who is a singer.

Later he went on to become the director of The Ploughshare Group And Chair which is a company that does businesses in law. He supports republic party and is a gun rights activist. In an interview, he said that guns are the right to every American and taking t back is not the right thing to do. Currently, he serves as the chief of the United Nations Committee of the New York Bar Association. This organization controls the import and export of wine in and out of the USA and sets the pricing of the different brands. It has a monopoly on the wine business.

He was married to Elizabeth Gilbert, but the day of their wedding is not known. The wedding ended in divorce after some years. His ex-wife Elizabeth Gilbert went on to become an author and published the book Eat, Pray, Love in the year 2006. This book went on to gain immense popularity and was even transitioned to a motion picture starring Julia Roberts. After the release of this book, Michel Cooper also decided to publish a book which showcases his side of the story, but the information regarding this book is not disclosed yet.

He is very active on social media as well. He often posts pictures on Instagram as well. There are over 20000 followers on twitter as well as on facebook. He is a tech savvy person and likes to have the latest and greatest tech that the market has to offer. Currently, he uses Google Pixel as his primary phone. He likes iPhone but he prefers the ecosystem that Google offers.

After the divorce, he has stayed away from the institute of marriage and is currently single. He is mostly focused on his work and prefers to stay single for a while. He has earned quite a lot of money from his business. He is a firm believer in God and follows Christianity as his religion. He believes that it is God that has made who he is today and thank him for every bit of it.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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