Jonas Max Ferris is a TV personality, columnist and economist. He is famous for being a panelist in Fox Business’ Channel Stock program named Cashin’ In.

Personal life

Jonas was born in 1971 in Massachusetts. He is now 44 years old. There are very little details about his bachelor life in media. Thus, his past girlfriends are not known to media. He was never associated with any celebrity relationship before getting married. Details about his early biography like his parents and siblings are not known to media. Jonas kept a low profile till he got married. Even now, there is not much that we know about his personal life.

Jonas is married to Dagen McDowell, a TV personality and co-panelist in the show. They got married in 2005. They met in Cashin’ In for the first time. When Jonas first met Dagen, she was married. Details about her first husband is not known to media. Her relationship with Jonas was not the reason for the divorce. It is said that the reason was Dagen’s husband’s extra marital affair. It is not known whether she was in the verge of divorce when she met him. Since Dagen never talked about her first marriage and problems in that relationship, all that we know is that there were rumors. Thus, there are no details about the reason to why Dagen became single.

Later, Jonas and Dagen started dating. After a few years of dating, they got married. Till today, there are no rumors about separation or problems. Dagen had successfully kept her first marriage and related problems under the cover and it is not a surprise that Jonas and Dagen’s marital life is now out of reach of media.

Since there is no divorce news, it is assumed that they both are close to each other. In this case, there will be very less probability for divorce in the near future. There are news segments every now and then about them taking vacations together and thus, it is assumed that the love magic in their life is still strong.

Yet, they both are super busy in their work life that their personal life is not as normal as every other couple in the world. Somehow, both the TV personalities are holding on to the marital knot. Jonas was never known to be married before nor has he fathered a child in the past. Jonas and Dagen has not parented a child. They have no plans of adding a new member to their family as of now.


Jonas is a successful TV personality in Fox Business Channel. He is also a panelist for several other programs. He has been working with Fox since 1993. He is also the founder and editor of Before his gig with Fox, he was working for some local channels. He has earned a net worth of five million dollars. His income from his business is not known to media and salary per episode or per month from Fox is also not known to media. He also posts financial articles in New York Post, and others.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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