Annette Roque is a model who is famous for her marriage with Matt Lauer. She has three children with Matt.

Personal life

Annette is basically from Dutch. Annette married Matt in 1998. They got married almost a decade after Matt’s first divorce. He dated Kristen Gesswein and ended the relationship with her two years before marrying Annette. It is not known whether he broke up with Kristen for Annette.

In 2006, Annette signed the divorce papers. When she filed for the divorce, she was pregnant with his third child. It was said that Matt was very cruel to her and her children. It was said that Matt gave more priority to his job than to the children or her. Matt send back a legal document saying that any inhumane treatment that Annette experienced was provoked by her.

After three weeks from filing the papers, she immediately withdrew them. In those days, the partner has to be inhumane and cruel to get divorce and the one initiating the divorce has to prove the same. They are still together and they celebrated their 18th anniversary in 2014. After the divorce files were withdrawn, Matt shared a lot of posts and pictures of him spending more time with his children on social media sites. He also had mentioned about annual ski trips with his family.

There was a lot of questions related to the divorce. The divorce papers were returned within a few weeks and immediately they celebrated their wedding anniversary, as if nothing happened. Matt had been accused of adultery several times during their 18 years of marital life and never did Annette commented or talked about these issues. There was no other divorce filing on account of his womanizing acts. Media rose a lot of questions related to the same and none were addressed by either of them.

This did not stop rumors from rising. Matt was associated with a lot of extra marital affairs. He was rumored to be in relationship with many women from time to time. He was also said to have fathered one of Natalie Morales’ children during their relationship. Annette was never a part of any rumors. She never commented on any of the issues or rumors. It is assumed that it is because he was never caught red handed during any of his affairs.

Annette’s childhood, information about her parents and other details are not known to media. Though she was a model, she became famous after becoming the wife of Matt. Thus, her life in prior to her marriage with Matt is not known to media.


Annette used to be a model by profession. She left her career after being married to Matt. There is no information about her career path and milestones. Her net worth and salary as a model are not know to media. She never talked about her past career with any media. It is not known whether she is planning on taking up any new career in the near future. Since she is married to a wealthy TV personality and has three children to take care, there is very little chance that we would be able to find out that she is planning on starting a new career anytime in the near future.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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