Rob Nelson is a TV journalist who is famous for his shows like America This Morning of ABC, World News Now and others.

Personal life

Rob belongs to New Jersey. He graduated from University of North Carolina. He got degrees in political science and journalism. He now lives in Manhattan and enjoys New York during his spare time. Apart from this, there is almost nothing that is known to media about his personal life. He is not known to have any siblings. He never talked about his parents, romantic life and others. He has not mentioned whether or not he is married. He is not seen wearing a wedding ring and thus, he is assumed to be single.

Rob is currently 38 years old and he has not been married in the past nor did he have had a serious girlfriend in the past. It was said that he was linked with the TV anchor, Diana Perez. The rumor did not stand for long as Diana went on to get married to another man. Neither Rob nor Diana commented on the same. There were no pictures of them together in any media. It is not known why he has been avoiding dating for a very long time.

His avoidance of dating and relationship have brought a lot of gay based rumors around him. He has neither commented nor rejected on any of those rumors. He does not share a lot about his personal life, including his parents, childhood and others. His biography, that we know, is filled with career related information. This includes secrecy about net worth and salary too. No woman has come forward to share that she had dated him in the past. He is active in social media but, most of what he posts is related to his work. He is clearly a workaholic and this might be a reason to why things are not working with his romantic life!

Throughout his limelight years, he was never seen with a woman who can be rumored to be his girlfriend. None of his friends or close circle members have talked about his personal life in any media. Thus, there is not much that we know about him. He came into limelight when he was in his early thirties and thus, his early ages are out of media’s radar. If he ever plans to get married, it is assumed that he would share the news with the media.


Rob started his career in 2000 and became famous only in 2010 when he joined ABC. He worked with WWL TV in New Orleans, before joining with ABC. He also worked for Times-Picayune newspaper before getting into TV business. He left ABC in 2013 and went off the grid for a year. He then joined WABC TV in 2014 as weekend morning newscaster. His future plans in career front is not known to media. Since his past career paths have shown that he has jumped from one channel to another, there are chances to find out that he may be moving to a new channel in the near future.

Last Modified: Apr 14, 2020

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