Jake Pavelka is a pilot who is very famous being a reality show star. He is famous for being the bachelor of ‘The Bachelor’ of 2010.

Personal life

Jake Pavelka was born as Jacob Lynn Pavelka in Texas. He was born as the middle child of Sallie Lannell and James Lynn. He has two brother, who are both married. No other details are known about his parents and siblings. He grew up in Texas and took flying lesson since he was 12. He was also a high school football player. The Bachelor series finale episode ended with Jake proposing Vienna Girardi. Few weeks later, Jake and Vienna broke up. Vienna took the issue to tabloids and called him as a monster. Jake replied back stating that she cheated on him and that was why he broke up with her. The show producers tried to bring them back on a show but, the episode was an emotional mess with Vienna leaving the set, crying. Jake stated that he broke up with Vienna through phone.

Later, Jake Pavelka was seen with Kristin Chenoweth, a lot. They kept their relationship, very private. They met at a Dog Award in 2013 and started dating. Later in the same year, Kristin broke up with Jake stating that he was too desperate. Some of her friends stated that Jake was dating Kristin for riding on her fame. Some stated that they couldn’t find time for themselves because of their busy schedule.

Jake is not known to be married or engaged as of now. He never shared anything about being in a relationship to the media. Vienna on the other hand got engaged in 2016 to her three-year boyfriend. Jake was never a part of any extra marital affair or other problems. As of now, he has put his reality show life behind him. He has restrained himself from social media as well. He does reply to his fans every now and then but, he does not share a lot through his accounts. With the fan base that he gained through his TV shows, he is promoting many charity causes in his home town.

It is said that Jake has a long time crush on JoJo of Bachelorette. He even dropped by at her show set to give her advice about not finding love in reality show and he also mentioned that she would be able to find the right man in the very same room. Though JoJo considers him as a good old friend, it is known to every fan that he has a soft corner for JoJo.


Jake became a certified flight instructor in 2001. He took up aeronautical engineering and became an airline captain when he was 23 years old. He worked for Atlantic Southeast Airlines. In 2009, he appeared for fifth season Bachelorette as a contestant and was eliminated. He was brought as the bachelor for The Bachelor series of 2010. He also appeared in Dancing with Stars, Famous Food, Bachelor Pad, Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-off and many others.

He has also appeared as guest start in many series. His first film debut was in Walker, Texas Ranger as Young Cordell Walker in 1999. He also appeared in the web series, Burning Love as Jeff in 2012. His net worth is not known to media.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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