Steve Kazee is a talented actor and singer. His most noticeable roles were on the TV shows Shameless, Nashville, and Drew.

Steve Kazee was born on October 30, 1975 in Ashland, Kentucky. There is not much information publicly available about his parents or how he spent his childhood when he was growing up. What is known is that he attended Fairview High School and successfully graduated from the school. After high school, he joined Morehead State University located in Morehead, Kentucky.

At that time, Morehead State University was considered as one of the top 25 public universities in the Southern United States. Based even on this fact, it can be safely said that Steve got a great education during his college days. He graduated from the university with a degree in fine arts. The degree would come in handy and also symbolize Steve’s future path. In college, he always liked to participate in theater. While other men were busy with partying or playing sports, Steve was taking his craft of acting very seriously. He took advantage of the fact that his college had a great theater department. He was able to learn a lot of lessons as he put in hours to develop into a working actor.

Acting Career
In 2006, Steve started his acting career in episodic roles when he scored a spot in an American television drama. The show that aired on NBC was called “Conviction”. After tasting a little bit of success, he then he continued trying to get himself in a numerous amount of TV shows. In 2007, he appeared in a crime drama called “Numbers” more known as “NUMB3RS”. Then in 2008, he had a short role in a TV series called NCIS which a long running and popular program. After that, in 2009 he played as a Dominic Humphreys in a famous TV series called CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Getting exposure on CSI was huge for Steve because of the exposure that the show offers. CSI is one of the highest rated televisions shows in history with millions of people tuning in every week.

After taking a break to refresh his mind and body, he continued his career on stage and on TV shows as well. He got roles in popular TV programs like “Elementary”, “Shameless”, “Nashville”, and “Drew”. “Nashville” and “Drew” were his most recent projects.

On a TNT show called Legends, Steve plays a character named Curtis Ballard, a straight arrow FBI agent who’s life changes after failing to catch a criminal. Hidden Remote asked Steve to talk about the character he portrays, “It’s an interesting thing to play a character that exists in two different time periods. Typically, in television not so much in theater, you play a character that has an arc to them that changes, say over the course of six or seven seasons, it was changing in per episode. We were jumping 15 years in the middle of an episode. To play that duality, that Jekyll and Hyde nature of humanity was a challenge. One of the most challenging acting jobs that I have had.


Like you said, playing someone so straight and narrow, so religiously devout, and really just doggedly pursuing the bad guy and then seeing what that obsession would do to you over the course of 14 or 15 years. It was a pretty interesting thing to dig into. It was hard. I don’t like to say acting is difficult with all the things in this world that are actually difficult to do but acting is difficult in a different way, it requires you to pull emotions and living within that are hard to deal with at times. In that skin of Curtis Ballard, especially the 2015 Ballard was exhausting and thrilling at the same time but it took quite a toll.”

Star on Broadway
Apart from his work on television, Steve loved performing on the Broadway state. A short list of his shows include “NYSF's”, “The Subject Was Roses”, “Spamalot”, “110 in the Shade”, and “Once”. The play “Once” made a big impact on his further growth. It debuted on February 28, 2012. 

After this role, a well known magazine “Playbill” got an interview from Steve and since that time, Kazee received even more invitations to join different plays and TV shows. His performance on that play was very impressive and got him a lot of attention. People started to see him as a serious and legit actor because the stage really offers an actor the chance to express himself and really show off his acting skills. Steve was thankful for his college days where he would practice on stage because now it was finally paying off with his Broadway performances.
Singing and Awards
During his interesting career as an entertainer, Steve Kazee has received two awards. He won the Tony Award (2012) and a Grammy Award (2013). He also was nominated twice for a Drama League Award (2012) and Outer Critics Circle Award (2012).

As a singer, Steve Kazee got his fame and respect after the release of his soundtrack song to a world famous romantic fantasy film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, directed by Bill Condon. In this soundtrack, named "A Thousand Years, Pt. 2," he sang with a famous singer named Christina Judith Perri.

Private Life
Steve does not like to disclose his private life to public. There is also very little information on the public record about his girlfriend or just about his friends. In addition, there is no information about a marriage or divorce which leads to speculation he is probably single. In general, because of that, he gives off an impression of a secretive person, or just a person who does not like to expose his public life.

However, he also is a very wealthy person. His net worth remains a puzzle for young women and his fans because he does not disclose it. Women adore his talent, his voice and his appearance. Because, Steve is not just a talented actor, he also is very a handsome man with a bright heart, kind eyes and a charming smile.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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