David Venable is famous for his show, Kitchen with David in QVC Channel. He is also an author who is famous, worldwide.

Personal life

David has not shared his birth year and thus, his age is not known. He did his studies from University of North Carolina and choose ‘food making’ as his career. He had his bachelor degree in television, radio and film. He is rumored to be in his early fifties and has not yet married. He lives in a large mansion by himself. He said that he spends his free time by watching House of Cards and Scandal. The surprising element is not that he is not married, he was never known to be dating anyone throughout his life after he became famous.

He was never in a relationship and thus, there were many rumors of him being gay. He has not fathered any child in the past. The rumors of being gay started to spread and David never bothered to give a comment. Given the fact that he is very active in social media, his inertness to the comments was even more mysterious.

He has been offered dates from various online fans and he has never commented on any of those. Many of his fans have also asked about his sexual orientation but he did not reply. There are many YouTube videos describing signs that David is indeed gay. He was never seen with a boyfriend and no one has ever come up to media to inform hat he is having an affair.

David has not been very secretive about his childhood. He talks about his mother a lot. He said that she was the one who taught her cooking. David mentioned that his mother was a single mom, who raised her three children. There are no details to whether his father left them or was no more. He also mentioned that he was the youngest of the three. His current relationship with his mother, details about his siblings and other intimate details are not known to media.

None of his siblings nor his mother has come up to the media to talk about David and his personal life. He is very open about certain part of his biography. He once gave out an hour to hour update of his life of one week when he was promoting his book. Again, there was no scent of romantic relationship in that whole week. He is clearly a workaholic, who spends his little spare time with his close friends.


After his degree in TV, film and radio, he took a broadcasting job in WTAJ-TV. Later, he took up his own show named, Action Newsmaker. This made him famous. He also worked as a host in Children’s Miracle Network Telethon. In 1993, QVC hired him for promoting gourmet food products. He started hosting many shows and ended up in the show named, Kitchen with David. In 2012, he released a cookbook that has 150 recipes. He has a net worth of one million dollars. His salary per episode or the returns from his books are not known in detail.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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