Brian Sullivan is an American TV news anchor and also a business journalist. He is famous for CNBC’s Power Lunch.

Personal life

Brian was born in California in 1971. He is 44 years old. He has a degree in political science from Virginia Tech. He is also a member of Alumni Board of the college. During his spare time, he drives race cars and has won two SCCA championships. Apart from education, the other parts of his childhood, including his parents’ names, is not known to media.

He is very secretive about his personal life. He is married to Julie since 1995. They got married in Tennessee. They have a son who is five years old. Julie and his son are far away from media’s reach. There are no rumors of them getting divorced nor any rumors of fights between them. Thus, it is assumed that their relationship is going smooth and there are no possibilities of any news of divorce, in the near future.

Brian was never married or engaged before. None of his past girlfriends were known to the media. He was never a part of any celebrity relationship. There are no rumors of extra marital affairs before or after marriage. Julie came into limelight only after the marriage. Thus, her past life before marriage is completely out of media’s range. It is not known when they met, how long they dated or when they got engaged. Since their son is just five years old and there are married for more than two decades, it is understood that Julie was not pregnant when they got married. Recently, the couple attended a symposium. They are never seen together a lot in public. He has never shared any pictures of his son in any media.


Brian is currently a co-anchor of Power Lunch of CNBC. Before working with CNBC, he was a reporter and producer of Bloomberg for twelve years. Prior to that, he was working with Fox Business Network for three years. He is the first famous financial journalist who highlighted the housing bubble. He was nominated for Loeb award twice for his works. He has received many awards during his lifetime. He is a frequent guest to MSNBC program and has also appeared in NBC sports. He reported for NBC Sports during Winter Olympics of 2014 from Russia.

He has been in this career for more than 20 years and have worked from more than 20 countries. Before his TV career, he worked for Mitsubishi International as a chemical commodities trader. His career before being a commodities trader, is not known to media. It is not known when and why he left the job. His net worth and salary are not exposed to public but, his net worth is assumed to be in millions.

He has made many documentary movies and most famous of all is America’s Gun: The Rise of Ar-15. He is quite famous in social media sites. He uses his account to provide financial tips to his online followers. He also teaches them through stories. He never shared any intimate photos on his social media account.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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