Megan Abrigo was born on 11th August in the year 1984. Her birthplace is Oahu Island. She was brought up in Mililani which is located in Hawaii. She is one of the rising stars of Hollywood. She is young and attractive who already transformed herself from a popular model into a matured actress. As a model she is immensely desirable among her fans. In the year 2008, she was nominated for The Annual People’s Choice Award.


She came from a middle class family and she did not have a plush lifestyle. She used to be on the beach for her spare time when she was a kid. She was aware of her beauty from her childhood. Some women are destined to be do great models and actresses. Her mother used to be a very fashionable woman and she found out the potential in her to be a Model. When a mom tells her child that she is beautiful and inspires her to utilize it, it always creates impacts. The Impact was very positive on Megan and she started her vision to be a model when she was young. From her very childhood, she was very careful about her body and she took a great care for it. She exercised, ran and played beach volleyball for fitness. She got her graduation from Loyola Marymont University in the year 2005. Her degree was in Studio Arts. Until now, her biography is short because she is young and lot to give to the entertainment industry.


Just after finishing her study she was eagerly searching for a modeling career. She started modeling in a few TV commercials. Among them was the brands like Old Navy, L’Oreal, Cover Girl, Boost Mobile etc. besides those TVCs, she was doing photo shoots for other brands. Because of her luscious beauty and sex appeal, she was started to get noticed by people. After this time, she was selected for her role in the TV series called ‘Deal or No Deal’ in the year 2005 for consecutive four seasons straight.

Her fans are crazy for her beautiful body and the ability of glamorize her roles with sexy styles. She adds a mysterious sensuality to her character and persona. Her mystic sex appeal made her so desirable and she is not like many models who always reveal their body for no reason. She knows how to make the fans and selectors agreed to watch her onscreen more.


She has a brief dating history with Daniel Tosh they have decided not to disclose too much information on their personal life. Her age is 31 years. After being so desirable by so many people she decided to be decent about her private life. She has lot to learn about acting and she knows it. We still don’t know her net worth because there is very few information about her on wiki sites like Wikipedia. But as we already told you that she is a very promising actress, sooner or later she will have a breakout role and amaze us with her beauty as well as acting skills.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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