Carman Licciardello

The popular American singer Carman Domenic Licciardello, popularly known as Carman Licciardello or simply ‘Carman’ came to life on January 19, 1956. Carman has earned a lot of fame through his prowess as a singer; more prominently owing to his dedication towards Christian music (a genre of music associated Christian beliefs and rituals). The 60-year old singer was born and brought up in Trenton, New Jersey and since his childhood he had an uncanny knack of becoming a popular artist in his future. Hence it happened at such an early age that the artist got an opportunity to play drums with his mother’s band, who was also an artist while he was young. Later, at a very young age of twenty, he shifted to California to get more exposure to the world of music. Carman then went onto form his own music group with some of his mates and started producing his own music and songs.

Carman also a history of being an influential gospel singer in Christian music and his contribution to the Christianity was widely praised. After attending a show of widely famous gospel singer-songwriter, Andrae Crouch, Carman belief in Christianity augmented. The artist then accepted evangelicalism and came up with his new album ‘God’s Not Finished With Me’ in 1980. The album was based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and Bible and received huge response from the audience. He was then invited by a number of evangelists to preach gospels. Later on in his life, he moved to Oklahoma and announced his other album in 1982. ‘Some-o-Dat’ became consisted of novelty songs and received heavy recognition. A year later, the artist released his album ‘Sunday’s On The Way’ which achieved commendable response along with a top position in CCM chart.

The American actor was conferred several acclamations during the years he was active. Popular magazine ‘Charisma’ rated him as the most lovable ‘male vocalist’ whereas ‘Billboard’ regarded him as the most popular ‘Christian Artist of the Year’. His album ‘Lo Mejor’ (1995) in Spanish received in a number of songs that won much applause. During 2000s, Carman contributed to the world of music and released a number of albums: ‘Heart of a Champion’ (2000), ‘Instrument of Praise’ (2007). Also during his career, Carman started his NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) and named it as ‘Carman Ministries’. His work in his ministry was marked by several allegations from the people who accused him of having an illicit sexual affair while he was married.

In 2011, the artist met with a car accident while he was going into a concert to perform. Carman had to go through surgeries to recover completely. However, Carman’s doldrums didn’t come to an end at this stage. He got diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and announced his fans on Facebook that he did not have much time left. However, the artist recovered with the disease in future. Carman has won huge money and fame through his teachings and songs. Thus his net worth adds up to around $20 million.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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