Jason Hawes was born in the year 1971 in Canandaigua of New York City. He is of white ethnicity and of American nationality. He moved to live in Rhode Island in the year 1979. He is a talented person and he is the founder for the Atlantic Paranormal society of Rhode Island and he works also like a Plumber. Together with Grant Wilson, they have been able to raise money for different Charities on their own or for public ghost hunting events. He is a talented person, hardworking, and intelligent from his childhood. Since his early age, he was interested into deep sea fishing, martial arts, camping, hiking and arts. He likes to do the things he likes in his spare time. It is said that he was doing well at school but the schools he attended are not provided. At the age of 20, he had already a girlfriend and his girlfriend liked to practice Reiki and she was helping him to manipulate his life force energy. This is how he became sensitive to the paranormal phenomena as reported by John Zaffis and he became a paranormal researcher. In 1990, started the group called Rhode Island Paranormal Society or RIPS so that they can support the people who get paranormal. When he met Grant Wilson, he asked him to redesign the RIPS website.

More about his personal life cannot be found. There is no information about his personal relationship and there is no information about any marriage, dating or affairs. He is a father to a daughter called Hailey and it is the only child known to be born from him. The daughter has also given birth to the son called Harrison and he is now a grandfather. It is not clear if he is married for not or if he had divorced.

Jason Hawes is not too active in the social network websites like Instagram or Twitter. He has a large base of the fans on Twitter and this proves that he is a popular person. He has a large number of the fan that follows him and many people search for him online. People can get to know more about what he does on his personal sites, Instagram or twitter. He is good looking and he is even more conscious about his own life. He has tattoos on the arm and with his look; he makes many women to go crazy. His tattoos can be seen on the shirtless pictures that he had posted. For his height, he is of 6 feet with 1 inch. The interested readers may find enough information about him on many websites. His net worth is 1.5 millions. He should not be confused with Jason Hawes who played in charlotte 49ers who is from England. He was in some controversies when he mentioned amy bruni in his comment. He is interested in obituary because of his ghost hunting career.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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