Marvin Winans was born in the year 1958, he is a gospel singer of American origins and he is the member for The musical group Winans Family. He has a recurring role in the hit show known as Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

Marvin Winans was born in the state of Michigan in the city of Detroit. He is a fourth Child of Delores and of David Glenn Winans Sr and he was the one who recorded Mom and Pop Winans. He had siblings called David II, Benjamin Bebe, Carvin, who is his fraternal twin, Priscilla CeCe, Michael, Ronald and Daniel. Others are Angelique or Angie and Deborah or Debbie. They all were musically gifted and they are in the industry singing, producing and writing. Marvin met and also married Vickie Bowman and they were married for over 16 years up to the time they divorced in the year 1995. He has two sons, Josiah Winans and Marvin Jr together with his stepson called Mario Skeeter, they are all in music industry. Mario was the producer and also an R&B singer while Marvin Jr was the member in Winans Phase 2. He is not singing alone and he is a producer. Josiah is the producer and he was featured on the first solo project of Marvin.

Marvin Winans started to sing in the year 1970s together with his twin brother Carvin and other brothers Michael and Ronald together with a group of others in a musical group that came to be called The Testimonials Singers. The first performance was at a talent show in his high school. Afterwards, the name of the group changed and it came to be known as The Winans. The music career of the Winans spanned over 1980s and in 1990s. The group was found out by Andrae Crouch and they were able to release the first album using the new name and it was titled Introducing The Winans. The Winans were under the influence of Albertina Walker with her group called The Caravans. Marvin was a pianist and organist who wrote some songs of The Winans Records and he had solo projects without other family member. He was the vocals of Bring Back The Days Yea and Nay and he was given the Grammy Awards of being the Best Male Soul Gospel Performance. Together with his family member, they sung Tomorrow on the funeral of Whitney Houston.

Marvin Winans is a pastor who opened a school for performing arts called The Marvin L Winans Academy of Performing Arts and it is referred to as WAPA and a church called The Perfecting Church. His net worth is 5 million and he gets it from his singing career. He produced the album with the choir of his church called Alone but Not Alone and it was nominated for Grammy Awards. Some of his songs like draw me close and i feel like going on can be downloaded or viewed from YouTube.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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