Bob Kevoian, a Native American, came to life on December 2nd, 1950 in Los Angeles, California. Bob was born to the parents Jean Baker and John Hike "Toby" Kevoian. He has a brother named Peter, who is also an actor and musician by profession. Bob himself likes to play guitar in his free time and is a fan of collecting various artifacts. Bob has not remained in the news in past because of any affairs or any relationships before his marriage. Bob married his present wife Becky Martin in the year 2005 and the couple has a son named Toby. Bob is also a stepfather to two sons named Wade and Joey. Bob and Becky are known to be very loyal to one another and enjoy spending time with each other and often go out for vacations as well. Bob stays in his own house, which he owns, in Lawrence, Indiana, US. Bob did his graduation from ‘California state University’ in the year 1973 and later on started his post-graduation as well but because of his interest in the career in radio, he dropped out of his post-graduation to pursue his interest. Bob is also a recipient of Doctorate degree from ‘Central Michigan University’ where he was invited to deliver a speech as well.

Bob started his career with a theatre group named ‘The Young Americans’ and toured with them in different parts of US for 3 years as a sound engineer. However later on Bob joined a radio channel named ‘WMBM’ in 1979 and did some small roles there on the radio programs. Bob met his famous colleague Tom Griswold, his partner in most of shows he worked in later, in a bar when both of them were having drinks. Tom overheard a discussion of Bob with a friend, where they were talking about radio. Tom also used to work in a radio channel. Both of them became friends there and later on produced the radio show named ‘The Bob and Tom Show’ which went on to become the major success and they both got their fame because of this show. Later on the show was produced in the form of TV series as well which was produced by Bob only. A movie was also made on the show in which both Bob and Tom acted as well. However Bob retired from the show in December 2015. There were rumors of Bob having cancer and because of this, him leaving the show, however all these were just rumors and Bob actually retired to spend leisure time with his family at the age of 65.

Bob is a famous personality in US because of his show ‘The Bob and Tom Show’ and when he used to work his annual salary was projected to be around $4 million and his total net worth as of now is expected to be around $15 million. He has earned this net worth working on radio for most of his life and also through his TV shows.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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