Gary LeVox’s real name is Gary Wayne Vernon Jr was born in 1970. He is American songwriter and a singer. He is lead vocalist for the contemporary trio called Rascals Flatts. This is the name that he got from the studio-console label for the lead vocal track.

LeVox was born in Ohio, Columbus and he worked in Ohio department for the mental retardation or for development disabilities in downtown Columbus. His first musical performance was when he was at age eight and he was playing in a church. He graduated in Olentangy High School and he is alumnus of Ohio State University. Because of his cousin, Levox moved to live in Nashville city in Tennessee in the year 1997. LeVox is the second cousin of Jay Demarcus and they started out in a band called Chely Wright. At a certain time, when a regular guitarist was not there, Joe Don Rooney joined in and they said that they felt the chemistry at once.

Gary LeVox is a friend of Jamie Foxx from 1990s and he was the guest star for the album called Still Feels Good. He said that they like to sit down at the house of Jamie and they liked to sing and to play while having a good time. When Joe and Jay decided to write a certain song, they thought that it is going to be good to call Jamie in it and they asked to sing with them and he agreed but they should also sing in his song also.

Gary LeVox with his trio Rascal Flatts, they have over 20 singles at the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. He started to sing in public when he was eight years. The single that was the most successful while singing for Rascal Flatts is doing the cover Bless The Broken Road. The song has been able to reign at number one at the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. His band is known for chicken Noodle soup recipe.

From his biography, he is married to Tara Vernon at 1999 and they got two daughters with his wife. When asked when he met with his wife, he said it was backstage of a gospel festival concert and when he saw her for the first time, he knew that he was looking at his future wife. He said that the feeling was the weirdest thing that ever happened. Besides singing, he also plays piano, mandolin and guitar. He is not known to have got many girlfriends before his wife. There are many rumors about him on the media about separating with his wife or having affairs but he is never available to comment in any way. His parents separated when he was 8 years and his mother remarried but also left the second husband at 18. His net worth is 40 million dollars and some people say that his eyebrows make them uncomfortable.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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