Ray Evernham, popularly known as the consultant to car racing drivers, came to life on August 26th 1957 in Hazlet, New Jersey. Ray is known for his good looks and for his wealth which he has earned as a consultant throughout his career. Ray has been married twice and has remained in many relationships in the past. While he was young, he is alleged to have affair with many beautiful ladies. He was married to his first wife Mary at a young age and they both have a son. While he was married, Ray had an extra marital affair with his colleague named ‘Erin Crocker’ to whom he married in 2009 post his divorce with his first wife. Ray had a major accident at the age of 36 in 1993, when he was a car racer himself. He was badly hurt and the accident caused a major damage to his brain stem. Ray doesn’t remember much about the accident and stopped driving in car races post that. Ray has also been involved in many controversies during his professional career and was fined a whopping amount of $60,000 in NASCAR when he used some illegal accessories in Jeff Gordon’s car and was proven guilty. Ray is also known to be the owner of many enterprises and has a wide range of sports car collection. He owns as much as 12 sports cars in his garage which are both classy and expensive.

Ray started his career as a car racer himself, but post his accident he turned into a car crew chief and assisted various car racers. Ray started with a driver named ‘Alan Kulwicki’ in 1991, but did not have a very good relation with him and left him in 6 months of signing the contract. Ray later on moved with the much popular NASCAR driver ‘Jeff Gordon’ and both of them became much popular as a team. They both performed stupendously together and won in total 47 cups and 3 championships and were rated at the top in 90s. Ray was particularly known for his efficiency at the pit stops where he would line up his technicians perfectly to reduce the time of changing of Tires and servicing of cars. Later on after leaving Jeff Gordon, Ray formed his own team in 1999 which became much popular itself. Ray has acted on various TV shows also and he has been a part of TV channels like ESPN where he has acted both as a host of the TV shows and as a guest in the shows. He mostly used to conduct various kinds of analytics for the sports on his TV appearances. He is also the host to the program ‘AmeriCARna’ on a TV channel Velocity.

Ray is known to be one of wealthiest man in the sports and has got a total net worth of close to around $30 million. Ray has also been awarded with the prestigious awards like NASCAR ‘Person of the Year’ in 1999 and has remained at the top position as the consultant for many years when he was associated with Jeff Gordon.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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