Grant Wilson is an American plumber and he is the co-founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society and it is based on Rhode Island. He is a former star and he co-produced Syfy’s cable television reality series called Ghost Hunters.

Grant Wilson with his wife called Reanna have got three children, all of them are sons and after doing the web design for some time, he started to work as a plumber of Roto-Rooter which is a large plumbing company that it is found in Ohio. He has other hobbies which included illustrating fantasy, writing, role playing game characters or playing or composing the music on different instruments and this include piano and guitar.

Wilson had first met his co-founder Jason Hawes when they were redesigning the website for the RIPS, the Rhode Island Paranormal Society. This is the support group that was formed by the people who had the paranormal experience. Wilson admitted that the reason he wished to meet Hawes it that he had intense and paranormal experience from the time he was 15 years old. They worked together to found the organization that came to be called TAPS. His own experience was to see the unidentified entity at the Rhode Island woods many times.

Hawes and Wilson worked for a long time together in the Roto-Rooter and it was the Hawes who brought him into the plumbing business. They were owners of the Spalding Inn found in the New Hampshire. Hawes and Wilson were the members of community that was going for ghost hunting trips.

He was involved into the ghost hunting events which were created for paying public. There are more on the TAPS and there was an event that was hosted by the members of the group solely. The personal ghost hunting event got more popularity over many years with the celebrity guests.

Grant Wilson‘s net worth is 1.1 million dollars and this is the amount that had been on increasing side. He has the passion for his work and the dedication that made him to get richer as he is by now. He is the handsome hunk and there is no doubt that he may look red hot when he is shirtless. He has the personal life and he dated with Reanna for sometime before they decided to get married. The couple is known to be happy in love and there is no rumor about having any divorce. He is talented and the occupations can show this. Besides being a successful actor and paranormal investigator, he is also the author, a producer of many movies and tv shows and a game designer. He is tall with the height of 1.72 meters. He is active person on twitter and Facebook and he has tweeted over 11 thousand time and this shows how engaged he is. His twitter account was verified.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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