Kellie Rasberry was born in the city of Mullins in the state of South Carolina and he was raised in Florence in the same state. Besides the first grade and the kindergarten, he attended the Florence Christian School for his second to 12 grade, but she skipped the fourth grade.

When she graduated in 1984, she was a salutatorian in her class and then attended the Liberty University for a Scholarship for a year. When the scholarship ended, she had to go back home. She started to learn at Francis Marion University for a semester but she did not like the place and had to drop out after only one semester. However, she had promised his mother that she would graduate and went ahead to graduate in 1993 for a degree in the BA of English.

When she dropped out of the school, she was working for her parents who had a shoe store and they had western wear business. Since she wanted to be an actress, she decided to sign up for the acting classes from Valdotti’s School of Modeling. She went to Myrtle Beach SC where she wanted to be seen by people from different people around the country and she was given the role of being the plus sized model.

However, she went down into tears and also declined. An owner of the radio station thought that she would be funny on the radio. When she went home, she got a job as the part time worker on the radio. However, she was just sitting and the radio person was using him for whatever he wanted and she was getting 10 dollars every week as salary. Her age at that time was 19. After keeping going to conventions many times, one of the agents agreed to take her and she moved to Georgia. However, she had to wait for a year and half without getting any job and she went back home. When she went back to her early job, she found out that the main presenter had worked out so they asked her to step in for him and worked there for 2 and half year. While working, she was continuing with her studies and after finishing, she got the first acting job where she was LeAnn Rimes in the Holiday in Your Heart. Afterwards, she had made the voiceover for many radio commercials and was the co-host for the webcast called Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. She got the award Women of Radio week at Live With Regis and she was the co-host with him on the show. Kellie Rasberry is a proud mother of daughter Emma Kelly and was born in 2006.

Kellie Rasberry does not have any Wikipedia page, her net worth is 5 million. She has a blog called kiddnation. She is available on both Instagram and twitter and she worked on kiss fm radio.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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