Malik Yoba’s full name is Abdul-Malik Kashie Yoba and he is a singer on some occasions and he is American actor. He is known to play in the role of NYPD where he was detective J.C Williams at Fox Police Drama New York Undercover. He was Yul Brenner in the Cool Running and he appeared as an ex FBI special Agent Bill Harken in the SyFy drama called Alphas. He was Jim Hudson in the Revolution and he was Vernon Turner in the movie Empire.

From his biography, Malik Yoba was born as the fourth of the six children in the city of New York. His parents are called Abdullah Yoba and Mahmoudah Young. He did divorce Trisha Mann who was working as actress and model and she starred with him in His Woman, His wife in the year 2000. He has three children who are Daughter Dena together with Mann, a son Josiah with the daughter Pria from another relationship. Malik Yoba was the member for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

Malik Yoba has the net worth of 3 millions. He has been in a number of many projects. In the year 1994m, he was in the role as the NYPD Detective J.C Williams on the popular Fox police drama series called New York Undercover where she was opposite to Michael DeLorenzo. The movie was known to feature two people of the color in the starting roles. For the role he had in the New York Undercover, he got three times NAACP Image Awards for being the outstanding Actor in the Drama series. Up to the time that the drama got canceled in the year 1998, he was the only actor who appeared in 89 episodes. His talents of singing and acting were used in the movie His Woman, His Wife. He has appeared in other movies like Criminal or Cool Running. He was in Fox television series called Arrested Development where he played Ice. He was the bounty hunter who had a love for party planning and he had recurring role in UPN sitcom called Girlfriends where he played as Brock Harris. He was the co-star in Astronaut Ted Shaw in the Defying Gravity, an ABC drama.

New York Undercover has lasted for only four seasons and during that time, he was the cigar-store patron who was named Skunk in the life drama called Smoke.

Malik Yoba is known to be activist and he is in charge of different lecturers for the troubled youth organization called Why Are you on This Planet. The program gives the teaching in the visualization, music, art, writing and reading.

Malik Yoba was born in the city of the crime-ridden and also dangerous place and he was a victim of stray bullets at the age of 15. Some of information about him like his workout can be accessed on his Instagram accounts. He appears on celibate nymph which is a web series.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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