Mike Holmes full name is Michael James Holmes and he is of Canadian origins and he is a home improvement contractor. He had the show called Holmes on Homes with different shows that followed and he was rescuing the people in Ontario, Toronto and other areas against the renovations that go wrong. He continued with a new show that was also successful and it was called Holmes Inspection. He is the judge for the Handyman Superstar Challenge which is a show at HGTV. He is also on the American counterpart show called All American Handyman together with Scott McGillivray.

Mike Holmes started to work on his career at early age when he was being taught by his father starting from the age of 6. When he became 19 years old, he started a contracting company and he had a crew of only 13 employees. When he was 21 years old, he founded a renovation company. He had two companies in his contracting career. He is married and he has family show where he appears with his three children, Mike Jr, Sherry, Amanda and they have all appeared while working with his father.

In the year 2006, he begun The Holmes Foundation when he saw the renovation that was done poorly and he wanted to tear the entire house down and to start with the building without having to try repairing the damage. The reason behind the foundation is helping the young people to join in the building trade and to assist the people who had became poor because of the bad renovations. He contributes to the international community by contributing to the SOS Children’s Villages.

Mike Holmes was recognized by the House of Commons of Canada based on how he promotes the skilled trades and the advocacy he has for the improved building standards. He was acknowledged to be the extraordinary craftsperson and he is an accomplished master builder with the social conscience.

Mike Holmes is the author of two books that have been successful. They are Holmes Inspection: Everything you Need to Know Before you Buy or You Sell Your Home and Home Renovation with Canada’s Most Trusted Contractor.

Mike Holmes is the spokesperson of the Skills/Competences Canada and of WorldSkills Calgary 2009. He is invited to speak to many professional organizations events like Canadian Safety Association, Canadian Association of Home and Property and Ontario Building Inspectors Association.

Mike Holmes with his crew, they are known to have helped many people throughout the many years. He was born in the year 1963 and he is over 50 years old. He is a popular person in Canada and he has the fame that reached many people. He was born in the Christian family and he is of white ethnicity. He married his wife Anna Zappia in the year 2000. With his popularity, he was able to gain also the net worth of 25 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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