Brian Regan is standup comedian and he is known for his self deprecating humor and observational sarcastic. He has the performance that it is somehow clean and he does not get involved too much into the off-color humor and in profanity. He is known to cover the events that take place in everyday life like taking the shipping package to the UPS and to visit the optometrist. He likes to make the references to the childhood which include the science projects, grade school spelling bees and the little league baseball. His facial expressions with the body language make the stand up event to be more physical. He has off-center humor which is clean and he was praised by the contemporaries and critics and he enjoys the fan base from all age groups. He is known to be comedian of the comedians in the comedy community.

Brian Regan was born in the city of Miami in Florida State but he was raised in the part of Westchester with his siblings of seven sisters and brothers. He went to Christopher Columbus high school and his family is from Irish descent. He has been always the fan for Steve Martin, Johnny Carson and Smothers Brothers. Even if he attended Heidelberg College of Ohio where he had the plans of becoming the accountant, the football coach is the one who asked him to try communications and theater. He was playing as wide receiver for the football team of Heidelberg. In the last semester in the year 1980, he dropped out so that he can pursue the stand-up comedy but he finished up the degree in 1997. He has a brother called Dennis Regan and he is also a standup comedian also.

Brian Regan released the first CD called Brian Regan Live in the year 1997 and in the year 2004, he also had the self-released DVD for his performance and it was called Comedy Central’s animated standup series for Shorties Watchin’ Shorties. In the year 2007, he signed the deal with the Comedy Central where she was to do two hour stand up specials and they were released on the DVD. He developed the show for the network and for the headline theater tour called Brian Regan in Concert: A Comedy Central Live Event and it started in 2007.

Now people can get to know more about Brian Regan’s upcoming events online and they can get to buy the tickets from his website. His net worth is over 7 million dollars. Some of his shows, including I walked on The Moon can be accessed easily on youtube. His videos about Comedy Central may be downloaded online on his official website. His latest release is called all by myself and it is available both on the CD or on the website. In the CD he talks about different things including aging and family among others.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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