Daniel Tosh was born on 29th may, in the year 1975. His birthplace was Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany. He was born in Germany, but he was brought up in Florida in United States of America. He is an extremely talented media person. He is famous for his role as host of popular TV show Comedy Central. He has different identities in different fields of art and culture. He is a stand up comedian and an actor. At the same time he has set foot in writing and producing. His specialization is in black comedy. His biography is as interesting as him. It’s full of fascinating twists and turns.


His father was a Presbyterian minister by profession. He graduated from a school called Astronaut High School in the year 1993. His major was marketing. From the early days of his career, he used to telemarketing for his living. He even joked about that job. He has a sarcastic view of seeing himself which is hilarious. These were the stepping stones of his being a comedian in his future life.


After roaming around with some ordinary jobs, he went to Los Angeles with a goal to achieve something great in his life. From his college days, he used to visit comedy clubs where he started to learn about comedy, laughter and people. His first time appearance as a comedian was at Montreal. The name of the show was ‘Just for laughs’. It was 1998 and his performance was televised. Like many celebrities, he got his taste of fame on the widely popular TV show ‘Late Show with David Letterman’. He started to appear these types of shows like Jimmy Kimel Live!’ and ‘That Tonight Show with Jay Leno’. These shows made him a familiar face in TV. There were some other shows where he used to appear on a regular basis. He got his first show of his own in the year 2003. It was Comedy Central and in the year 2007, he hosted an entire episode of that very show. He was like a force to reckon with and people loved him.

He said that he would end his career when he will 38 years old. Unfortunately, he was that much of a successful comedian at that time. He even thought of committing suicide. But his fans showed huge love for him and forbade him to do so. After this, his life started blooming. In the year 2011, one of his tv shows had an unbelievable number of viewers which is 3.25 million. You can watch it on DVD. His style of joking is categorized as ‘envelope pushing’. He has done all of the bitter-sweet jokes on himself and his jokes are racial, sexist and homophobic. But underneath all these black jokes he is a true comedian and what does true comedians do? They make people happy by make them laugh.


His net worth is 11 million. His height is 6 feet 3 inches. His nick name is ‘Shart-Face-Migy’. He has no wife. He is quite active in social networking websites like twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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