Sam Governale was born on 24th October, in the year 1968. His birthplace was New York City. He is famous for his stand up comedy and acting. The show for which he is most famous is, Howard Stern on Demand. He is famous for his acting and he is a brilliant producer too. He is one of those creative people who not only provide entertainment but also creates. His life is like movies, only more real.


Sal has an interesting childhood. As he grew in one of the greatest cities of the world he experienced many things growing up. He didn’t have a plush life. So, he was not a spoiled brat. He had keen eye for observation. He loved to observe people and their characteristics and nature. Whenever he faced a difficult situation, he tried to learn something from that. His philosophy of life is ‘Life is like a school. If you don’t learn, you will fail.’ So, learning was always his focus. This was not a technical learning. Sometimes he used to pack his bag and just go far from his home, see some new places. Money was not a big thing for him. If he feels he needs money he worked in small jobs and after getting paid, he saw a new city. From this travelling and adventures, he developed a skill of mixing with people. He had a funny nature of talking and eventually he found himself as a comedian.


Before he started his career as a comedian, he worked as a stockbroker. So, he knows the other side of the world too. For this reason he has a nickname on his show which is ‘Sal the Stockbroker’. For many people, being actor means fame and fortune. Of course they love acting and acting for the audience feels great. But for a comedian the scenario is different. The primary goal of a comedian is to make people laugh. It’s not an easy job. Sal realized very early in his comedian career that he has to connect with people. So, he started his career by writing jokes and performing his own jokes for small club audiences. The famous Radio show ‘Howard Stern on Demand’ has changed his life forever. After knowing his talent for comedic writing, he was hired by Howard Stern. The show was very popular on Radio. On the show, he used to prank people on phone and tell homoerotic jokes. He is extremely well-liked for his racial jokes and raw instant comedy and banter. He also appeared in the tour called ‘Killers of Comedy’. This tour was roaming around the country and performing comedy shows. Sometimes, Beetlejuice, Bigfoot and The Iron Sheik used to join them.


Sal’s annual salary is $80,000. According to internet, his net worth is 400 thousand dollars. He married Christine Governale. They have three beautiful children. But 2009 there was a rumor in town that he might have a divorce with his wife. This sad incident happens because Sal was almost financially broke. It was very tough for the couple because of the children. They even lived in the same house separately. He is moderately active is social networking sites like twitter.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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