John Nathaniel was born on 17th May in the year 1970. His birthplace was Worcester, Massachusetts in the United States of America. He is a famous singer and songwriter. He is famous for being the lead singer of the band called New Kids on the Block. He is a versatile creative person who also is also considered as actor. His unique style of singing and acting got him to the pick of the fame.


His family was quite big. His parents have 6 children and Knight is the youngest. His parents are Episcopal priests by profession. He started his music career very early. When he was 14 years of age, he started his music career with the band NKOTB. At that time nobody knew that someday this is going to be a legendary band. Along with singing in this band he started learning other musical instruments like Piano and Keyboard in order to develop his musical skill. He was the most creative guy in his band and he was the writer who wrote the songs for the band.


His band became so famous that it sold more than seventy million albums worldwide. For the beautiful song they created, they were amazingly popular among the audience. They earned hundreds of millions of dollars by doing concerts all over the world. Not only was that; their style, persona and definitive songs inspiring for many bands in future. Few of the major examples can be Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. BY following NKOTB’s style, these bands became cult bands.

Knight proved his worth when his first solo album released in the 1999. He showed that it’s him that his fans adore immensely. The album was called ‘Give it to You’. This album made records and got to the top chart. This hugely popular album was even nominated for MTV Music Award in the year 1999. After this success, he continued to conquer alone with getting into every top chart every time he sang in any album. In the year 2008 the band thought that it’s time to reunite and they released their two top 40 hits and planned to take a tour. The fans warmly welcome them and the tour was massively hit. But the most amazing thing for the fans happened when they got together with the crazed band ‘Backstreet Boys’ and made the ‘Biggest Boy Band’ on earth. They made their crazy tour in the year 2011. Needless to say that, the fans went mad to get two of their favorite bands together.

Knight’s third solo album name was ‘Unfinished’. He even acted in a British documentary. His famous TV commercial for old navy was called as ‘Jordan Knight before Christmas’ got great attention and appreciated by his fans.


In the year 2004, he married Evelyn Melendez. They have two children. But there is a rumor that he might get separated from his wife. He is like a playboy in nature and it’s getting difficult for his wife to tolerate this. His net worth is a staggering amount of 14 million dollars. He is one of the richest celebrities of the entire world.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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